Program Details & Usage

UNH International Health Insurance & Travel Assistance

Explanation of Benefits & Coverage Information for Students

  • Activity supervised, led, arranged, or sponsored by an UNH department or faculty or staff member. This includes:
    • UNH-Managed, Exchange, and Approved study abroad, IROP/SURF/REAP, independent study, department approved internship, research for a capstone/thesis/dissertation, Fine Art competitions
  • Activity supervised, led, arranged, or sponsored by a University office, organization or by a University recognized student organization. This includes:
    • Athletic teams, Alternative Spring Break, Students Without Borders
    • Research sponsored or supported by a University research office unit or committee
    • Presentation at a conference about University programs, activities, or research

Students are not covered if they are traveling internationally for personal and/or leisure travel with the exception of allowed travel days as defined by the UNH program. Examples of personal/leisure travel include:

  • Winter and spring breaks and summer vacation/leisure trips that do not fall within the published program start and finish dates of a UNH-related activity
  • Any leisure travel before or after a UNH-related activity

Insurance Program & Coverage – University Health Plans
UNH’s insurance plan is offered through University Health Plans. Please click on the links below to read the plan details.

Travel Assistance & Planning Information – International SOS
Part of the UNH International plan is membership in International SOS, which provide access to medical assistance and security services around the world.

  • The services provided by International SOS range from simple telephone advice, referrals to vetted providers to full-scale medical and security evacuations.
  • International SOS provides extensive pre-travel medical and security information and advice online or by telephone.
  • Click on the link above to review extensive information about International SOS

Using the UNH International Travel Plan

Coverage Exclusions

  • Travel for personal and/or leisure travel with the exception of allowed travel days as defined by plan coverage
  • Dependents
  • Some potentially hazardous activities, including but limited to: participation in underwater activities, bungee cord jumping, and mountaineering.
  • Students shall review the Summary of Benefits to know and understand what is covered and what is excluded.
  • Questions about excluded activities should be directed to the insurer.
  • It is recommended that students who may engage in activities that are excluded from the UNH plan shall purchase additional coverage.

Purchasing Additional Coverage

  • Gap coverage provides insurance protection if students will be extending their international trip for personal or leisure travel.
  • Dependent coverage provides insurance protection if a student be traveling with a dependent.
  • Students can purchase Extended Travel or Dependent insurance coverage with benefits that match the UNH plan at a reasonable rate directly from the insurer.

Domestic Coverage, including UNH SHBP

  • UNH recommends that students maintain their domestic health insurance to guarantee continuity of coverage pre- and post-international program.
  • Information about the UNH Student Health Benefits is available online at:
  • Eligible students will be covered by the UNH International Travel plan even if they are not covered by the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan.

Registering Travel to Guarantee Coverage

  • Students traveling on UNH-Managed, Exchange, Approved and UROP programs will register as part of their study abroad enrollment process.
  • Students traveling with a Recognized Student Organization must register with the MUB on Wildcat Link.
  • All other students should contact the Center for International Education and Global Engagement at 603-862-2398 or


  • If you have questions about insurance benefits or exclusions for medical sickness/accident, trip cancellation/interruption/delay, medical evacuation/repatriation, political/natural disaster evacuation, contact University Health Plans at
  • If you have pre-trip questions about a health or safety issue, please contact International SOS
  • For any additional questions, contact Center for International Education and Global Engagement, 603-862-2398, or email