Meet a Student

The Voices of International Students Project: Kherlen Oyunbaatar



Kherlen Oyunbaatar is a Junior from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia studying Bioengineering. During our discussion, Kherlen talked about how improving her English helped her to better connect with Americans. 


“If you know more English, it’s easier to talk to anyone. When I came here…. my English was not that good, people would try to understand me, but it would be hard versus my freshman year at college when my English was much better. And it’s easier to make connections that way. I just had to watch a bunch of American series and get to know the culture better so I could talk about it or understand Americans better.”  


About the Project and Creator

“The Voices of International Students Project” features UNH students from various countries and academic backgrounds. This is a fall 2021 weekly storytelling project that centers on the voices of international students and their experiences at UNH. This project is intended to not only celebrate and highlight the diversity we have on campus but also to give international students the opportunity to share their unique stories and what they have learned from being international students on campus.  

Jennifer Rose is an intern at the UNH Global Education Center and created “The Voices of International Students Project.” She is currently a Liberal Studies major with a self-designed concentration in Intercultural Studies at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She will be finished with her bachelor's degree in December 2021. Studying abroad in London and Berlin during college exposed her to various cultures and inspired her to do this project.