Meet an Alum

Julian Sandoval Porras, International Alum

1. What was your major and graduation year?

I graduated in 2012 with a PhD in Civil Engineering

2. What is your Favorite Memory of Unh?

Walking in the snow from building to building, or sitting in front of Kingsbury to enjoy a coffee.

3. Was there a professor or staff member who had a positive impact on you?  How did he/she contribute to your experience at unh?

Yes, James Malley.  A great practitioner who showed us how to connect the academia with the industry.  An engineer full of energy, even in the years prior to his retirement.

4. What are you doing now?  How did your degree program at unh help you prepare for your career?

I am working as a Senior Design Engineer in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, most recently based in Abu Dhabi.  My degree at UNH is what got me here, because it is a topic that is not common in all places and is something so specialized that companies show a lot of interest when they hear about it.  Now, I am engaging in the academia in Manila (Philippines) presenting part of my graduate work, and hopefully will eventually become a faculty member here or anywhere else in the world.  It still amazes me how much interest my dissertation gains when I mention it.

5. Who is your role model and why?

My role model for my career is definitely my three advisors from my undergraduate program, master's program, and doctorate program at UNH.  All of them taught me the basics of every program.  My undergraduate advisor taught me how to be a self-learner.  My master's advisor taught me how to implement realistic solutions, and my UNH doctorate advisor taught me how to innovate and to enjoy what I do.