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2015 - 2016

Fall 2015 - Global Health
(Co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge and the UNH Honors Program )


Spring 2016 - Identity, Marginality & Community

September 10, 2015
"Social Innovation and Ebola: Addressing Global Health Inequities (Pathways to the Challenge Event)"
View presentation
Sheila Davis
Chief Nursing Officer, Partners in Health


February 11, 2016
"The Jewish Phenomenon in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Marla Brettschneider
UNH Department of Women's Studies and Political Science

October 5, 2015
"The Eradication of Smallpox: Cooperation amid Conflict in the Cold War Era"
Erez Manela
Professor of History, Harvard University


March 2, 2016
"Finding Justice in Post-Soviet Russia for Children of Stalin's 'Enemies of the People'"
Cathy Frierson
UNH Department of History

October 23, 2015
"HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender"
View presentation
Lisa Messersmith
Associate Professor of Global Health and Anthropology, Boston University

April 6, 2016
"Building Resilience Among Climate-Underpriviledged Communities in the Middle Himalayas"
View report
Sameer Honwad
UNH Department of Education


2014 - 2015

Fall 2014 - RUSSIA & THE WEST – 25th Anniversary
of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
(Co-sponsored by World Affairs Council of New Hampshire)


Spring 2015 - UNH Faculty Abroad Series

Jack MatlockSeptember 18, 2014
"Turbulent Times for East and West: a U.S. Ambassador’s Perspective"
Video presentation (1 hr.)
Jack Matlock
Ambassador to the former Soviet Union


Drew ConroyFebruary 24, 2015
"Wildlife Conservation and Agricultural Development in Eastern and Southern Africa"
Drew Conroy
Professor of Applied Animal Science

Michael KlareOctober 22, 2014
"Pipeline Politics: The Energy Dimensions of U.S.-Russian-European Relations"

Michael Klare
Professor and Director of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies


Nicoletta GullaceMarch 24, 2015
"Contesting the Memory of the Great War"

Nicoletta Gullace
Associate Professor of History

Brian GreaneyNovember 20, 2014
"U.S. Russia Relations: One crisis. Two narratives"

Brian Greaney
Foreign Service Deputy Head, Russia Desk, U.S. Department of State

Colonel Scott Dullea '89
Russian Desk Director, U.S. National Security Council

Sean MooreApril 16, 2015
"Censorship and Freedom in Jonathan Swift’s Dublin and Today’s Developing World"
Sean Moore
Associate Professor of English
With special guest LEON MORSE, Deputy Director, IREX, speaking on global media sustainability and independence


2013 - 2014

Fall 2013 - Peacebuilding (series made possible through the support and generosity of The United States Institute of Peace)


Spring 2014 - UNH Faculty Abroad Series

John UngerleiderSeptember 19, 2013
"Peace through Dialogue: Empowering Youth Peacebuilders"
Video presentation (1 hr.)
John Ungerleider
Professor, SIT Graduate Institute
Founder, SIT Youth Peacebuilding and Leadership Programs

Peter PekinsFebruary 25, 2014
""Climate Change: Tick, Tick, Tick....Not Amoosing"
View Presentation
Peter Pekins
UNH, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment

Jan PassionOctober 15, 2013
"Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping: Responding to Violence with Nonviolent Intervention"
Video presentation (1 hr.)
Jan Passion
Faculty, SIT Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation Across Cultures
Former Deputy Director, Nonviolent Peaceforce/Sri Lanka


Subash MinochaMarch 20, 2014
"BIOtechnology and Agriculture: Challenges Ahead for Jordan and Kazakhstan"
View presentation (pdf)
Subash Minocha
UNH, Department of Biological Sciences

Sandra McEvoyNovember 20, 2013
"Creating a Sustainable Peace in Northern Ireland: Inviting Women Combatants to the Table"
View presentation
Sandra McEvoy
Associate Professor/Director, Political Science and Global Studies Program,
Wheelock College

Tom SaffordApril 15, 2013
"Oil, Development and the Environment: Coastal Brazil at a Crossroads"
View presentation (pdf)
Tom Safford
UNH, Department of Sociology


2012 - 2013



Spring 2013 - International Arts

Greg Van KirkSeptember 25, 2012
"Micro-Consignment: Economic Opportunity and Security from Uncertainty"
Video presentation (1 hr.)
Shortened version (26 min.)
Greg Van Kirk
Co-Founder, Community Enterprise Solutions
Co-sponsored by : UNH Net Impact and The Center on Social Innovation and Finance at The Carsey Institute


Szu-Feng ChenFebruary 26, 2013
"Theater Design and Singaporean Storytelling"
View PowerPoint show
Szu-Feng Chen
UNH, Theatre & Dance Department

Rob EvertsOctober 24, 2012
"Equal Exchange: A Radical Model for Global Food, Farming and Business"
Video presentation (1 hr.)
Shortened version (31 min.)
Rob Everts
Co-President, Equal Exchange
Co-sponsored by: UNH Sustainability Institute and UNH Net Impact

Amy BoylanMarch 26, 2013
"Toxic Tables: Food and Eating in Italian Camorra Films"
View presentation (pdf)
Amy Boylan
UNH, Languages, Literature, & Cultures Department

Glen DaiggerNovember 8, 2012
"Water Challenges and Opportunities in the City of the Future"
Video presentation
Glen Daigger
President, International Water Association & Senior Vice President/Chief Technology Officer, CH2M HILL
Co-sponsored by: UNH Environmental Research Group

Jenni CookApril 18, 2013
"Brazilian Portuguese Diction in Classical Singing"
View presentation (pdf)
Jenni Cook
UNH, Music Department

2011 - 2012


Spring 2012 - Africa: A Lecture Series


Eun kyeong ChoSeptember 27, 2011
"Early Childhood Education and Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Lessons from South Korea"
Eun Kyeong Cho
UNH Department of Education

Olufemi VaughanFebruary 23, 2012
"Africa and Globalism: State Crisis, Transnationalism, and Social Reconstruction in A New Century"
audio recording
Olufemi Vaughan
Bowdoin College


Alynna LyonOctober 18, 2011
"Strategic Humanitarian Intervention: The U.S. and Libya"

Alynna Lyon
UNH Department of Political Science


Rebecca Warne PetersMarch 8, 2012
"Civil War and Development in Angola: ‘Local’ Actors/International Interests"
audio recording
PowerPoint slideshow
Rebecca Warne Peters
Syracuse University

Gregory McMahonNovember 22, 2011
"Digging Up the Past: Archaeology and International Engagement in Turkey"

Gregory McMachon
UNH Department of History

Mohammed Ben-AbdallahApril 12, 2012
"Challenges of Educational Reform in Post-Colonial Ghana"
audio recording
UNH International Educator article
Mohammed Ben-Abdallah
University of Ghana, Legon, / UNH Resident Playwright


2010 - 2011

Fall 2010 - THE MIDDLE EAST: A Lecture Series



Naghmeh SohrabiSeptember 21, 2010
"State, Politics, and Elections in Iran"

Naghmeh Sohrabi
Brandeis University


Ruth VarnerFebruary 17, 2011
"Listening for Climate Change North of the Artic Circle"

Ruth Varner
UNH Earth Systems Research Center

Kanan MakiyaOctober 21, 2010
"Reflections on the Post-elections Future of Iraq"

Kanan Makiya
Brandeis University


Julie BryceMarch 24, 2011
"Snapshots of Carbonated Deep Earth: Geochemical Adventures in Italy, Africa and France"

Julie Bryce
UNH Department of Earth Sciences

Vickie LangohrNovember 18, 2010
"Complicating the Question of Women's Rights in the Middle East"

Vickie Langohr
College of the Holy Cross

Janet GoldApril 5, 2011
"NGO's Are People Too: A Local History Project in Santa Lucia"

Janet Gold
UNH Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Spanish)


2009 - 2010

Fall 2009 - CHINA: A Lecture Series

Spring 2010 - UNH Scholarship Around the World


Shigehisa KuriyamaSeptember 17, 2009
"How Chinese and Western Medicine Became Strangely Similar: the Untold Story of the Modern Body"
Shigehisa Kuriyama
Harvard University


Kurk DorseyFebruary 11, 2010
"Water, Bread and SALT"


Kurk Dorsey
UNH Department of History

Xueping ZhoneOctober 15, 2009
"Contemporary Chinese Society through Popular Culture"

Xueping Zhong
Tufts University


Leslie CouseMarch 11, 2010
"Ready to Go: Observations, Impressions, and Reflections of Chinese Preschools"
Leslie Couse
UNH Department of Education

Caroline ReevesNovember 10, 2009
"The Power of Mercy: An Early 20th-Century Perspective on Civic Engagement in China"

Caroline Reeves
Emmanuel College

Jeannie SowersApril 6, 2010
"Greening Authoritarianism?: Environment and Politics in Egypt"

Jeannie Sowers
UNH Department of Political Science



intentionally left blank

International Affairs faculty Ben ColeMay 6, 2010
"Assessing Changes in State Fragility during the Globablization Era"


Benjamin Cole
UNH Hood House Lecturer, CIE


2008 - 2009

Fall 2008 - Canadian Studies

Spring 2009

Dr. Derek LynchOctober 15, 2008
"Changing Landscapes: Organic Agriculture in a New Canadian Society"

Dr. Derek Lynch
Nova Scotia Agricultural College


Joel HartterFebruary 18, 2009
"Baboons and Farmers: Impacts of Imposed Conservation in a Forest Park Landscape in East Africa"
Joel Hartter
UNH Department of Geography

Dr. Barry RodrigueNovember 5, 2008
"French North America: Past, Present, and a Future"

Dr. Barry Rodrigue
University of Southern Maine

Louis TisaMarch 11, 2009
"Global Issues Require Global Collaborations: Understanding Plant-Microbe Interactions with Worldwide Practical and Ecological Relevance"
Louis Tisa
UNH Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences



intentiionally left blank

Lu YanApril 15, 2009
"‘More than International Relations’: Cross-Cultural Interactions between China and Japan, 1895-1945"
Lu Yan
UNH Department of History



intentionally left blank

Steve BornsteinMay 6, 2009
"Assessing Changes in State Fragility during the Globalization Era"

Steve Bornstein
UNH Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


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