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  • Students atted Buddies without Borders ice cream social

    Buddies Without Borders Expands to Graduate Students

    Since 2012, UNH’s BWB has paired domestic and international students, based on common interest, for cultural exchange and friendship.  Read More
  • flag of Argentina (courtesy

    UNH Selected to Host Argentine Fulbrighters

    UNH will welcome 20 Argentinian undergraduate Friends of Fulbright students for a six-week immersion program in January 2018. CIEGE staff collaborated with university academic and residential life collegues to develop a comprehensive academic and cultural program. The program is designed to strengthen the Argentinian students’ knowledge of U.S. higher education and build deep connections with U.S. students through shared classes, intercultural dormitory housing, a language and culture buddy program, extracurricular activities and small group cross-cultural academic collaboration.  Read More
  • (l. to r.) Elizabeth Lapsley, Aboubacar Konate, and Kiley McKenna holding GiPH banner

    UNH Students Bring Hope to Togo

    Togo bordered by Ghana on the west and Benin on the eastTogo is a small West African country with a mostly-rural population of approximately 7 million. According to UNICEF, 81.2% of Togo’s rural population lives below the poverty line. For many rural Togolese, a trip to a medical clinic can be a three-day walk.  Read More
  • UNH students listening to a forest ranger n Bhutan

    Connecting Culture and Science to Climate Change in Bhutan and U.S.

    This summer, students from UNH and Royal Thimpu College (RTC) in Bhutan travelled to each other’s communities and collected audio stories from locals who work the land in New England and Bhutan. Students from UNH and RTC collaborated to gather, listen to and edit narratives that represented how the changing climate is impacting the landscape, wildlife, hydrology, farming and food sources in both regions.  UNH and RTC have many parallels: both serve predominantly rural and small town populations in regions that are dependent upon the land for their livelihoods.  Read More
  • Tony Hamoui '14, '17G standing at the Berlin Wall

    Revelations of a Hamel Fellow in Austria and Germany

    Tony Hamoui at the Salzburg FestivalOn my first day in Salzburg, the initial leg of the journey, I saw this ominous looking castle atop the most unwelcoming mountain. As the taxi wound its way closer to my lodging, the castle kept appearing through the tree line, closer each time.  Read More
  • UNH students in Greece in summer 2017

    New Classics Summer Program in Greece

    In May 2017, nine students traveled to Greece on the first iteration of the College of Liberal Arts’ UNH-in-Greece program, sponsored by the Department of Classics, Humanities & Italian Studies. This new summer study abroad opportunity allows students to earn 10 credits over five weeks under the guidance of UNH faculty.  Read More
  • (l. to r.) Walter Elchmanar and Roisin Williams

    New CEPS Research Exchange with U. of Chester, UK

    (l. to r.) University of Chester students Walter Elchmanar and Roisin Williams in front of T-Hall UNH and the University of Chester, UK, signed an exchange agreement this summer to provide research and internship opportunities to their engineering students.  Read More
  • Multilingual Students in the University Classroom Workshop Series: A Success

    Ivaylo "Ivo" NedyalkovMultilingual Students in the University Classroom was a three-part workshop series aimed at exploring new teaching styles with regards to the increasing population of multilingual students and a desire to meet their needs.  Ivaylo “Ivo” Nedyalkov, Pascal Orliac, and Julie Perron have recently completed this three part talk about teaching,  Read More
  • Rosie Donegan

    Welcome to Wildcat Country: UNH Athletics Goes Global

    What does it mean to be an international athlete at the University of New Hampshire?  It means leaving your friends and family back home to spend 10 hours a day pushing your body to the limit.  It means dedicating your life to practice and studying.  It means skating into the hockey arena on a Friday night while the crowd goes wild chanting "I believe in UNH!"  It means competing for school glory against all odds.  Practice.  Persistence.  Perfection.  These are the stories of our International Wildcat graduates, Class of 2017.  Read More
  • picture of colorful hands around blue and green globe

    An Outpouring of Support for UNH’s International Community

     As it has on campuses across the U.S., the start of the spring 2017 semester has been an uncertain time for many international students and scholars at UNH in light of executive orders on immigration issued by President Trump.  Read More