While academic institutions may pay honoraria and/or to provide reimbursement of expenses to foreign nationals who enter the U.S. as tourists (B-2/VWT) or visitors for business (B-1/VWB), there are certain conditions for payment and not everyone in B-1/B-2 or VWB/VWT is eligible. Please read the information below for details.

A foreign national is allowed to receive reimbursement/honorarium if s/he is in the U.S. in valid "B-1/B-2" status and will be at UNH to engage in a "usual academic activity” lasting no longer than nine days. The foreign national is prohibited from receiving more than six such payments from academic institutions or nonprofit research institutes within a six-month period. These rules also apply to foreign nationals in the U.S. with “VWB” or “VWT” notation on the Form I-94.
  • Do not assume that the foreign national holds "B" status, especially if s/he is already in the U.S. You must look at the individual's passport, visa, and Form I-94 to determine immigration status.
  • To qualify for honoraria and reimbursements, the academic activity must last no more than nine days for each institution - there are no exceptions!

When an international visitor in "B" status arrives at UNH, the department must:

  • Make copies of:
    • The identification page of the passport;
    • The expiration date of the passport (may not always be on the ID page);
    • The Form I-94;
    • The "B-1/B-2" visa in the passport, if available.
  • Assist the visitor in completing the Visitor Declaration Form to confirm that s/he is eligible to receive payment. UNH departments should send the completed, signed declaration form along with the supporting documentation (copy of passport, visa, Form I-94, etc.) with the request for payment to their Business Services Center representative. No payment will be issued unless the declaration form is completed properly and submitted with appropriate documentation.
  • Ask for the SSN (and document that you have requested this information) as required under IRS regulations. To receive an honorarium, the visitor must have either a Social Security Number (SSN), or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Individuals in "B" visa classification are not eligible to apply for a social security number. However, they may have one from a previous visit to the U.S. Note that an SSN or ITIN is not required if payment is for reimbursement of expenses only.

For more information on procedures for these types of payments, contact:

UNH Payroll
2 Leavitt Lane
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-1400
Fax: (603) 862-0517
Email: payroll@unh.edu

At this time, any type of academic activity which could be considered "usual and customary" are acceptable (e.g., giving seminars/lectures/workshops, demonstrating techniques, conducting master classes, collaborative research, attending meetings, consulting, etc.).
Foreign nationals in B-1/VWB status (visitors for business) who are no longer eligible for honoraria may still be reimbursed for expenses. Note that this is not the case for individuals in B-2/VWT (visitors for tourism) status. These individuals may not be reimbursed for expenses or paid honoraria once the permissible length of activity and number of payments has been reached. Consult the OISS for guidance.