Faculty Travel Reports Archive

Each year, the Global Education Center awards competitive grants for faculty international development activities from funds provided by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Faculty travel reports  dating back to 2006 can be found in Dimond Library's Scholars' Repository.

Academic Year 2015-2016

Summer Cook, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, CHHS ~ Australia
"I was invited to  visit the Department of Psychology and Exercise Science at Murdoch University in the hopes of establishing a research relationship with the University of New Hampshire Department of Kinesiology. "

Jennifer Jacobs, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEPS ~ England
"I accepted a seminar invitation and met '...with colleagues at Nottingham University and Newcastle University, England about climate change and infrastructure.' "

Brian Chu, Professor of Art & Art History, COLA ~ Taiwan and China
"In this 70-day trip I satisfied my three goals of research, teaching, and international education program development."

Julee Holcombe, Associate Professor of Arts, COLA ~ China
"... I was able to observe their teaching styles, explore the local culture and photograph the local landscape, people, and architecture."

Lina Lee, Professor of Spanish, COLA ~ Italy
"...the European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL)...took place at the University of Padova...I learned how to develop a platform along with instructional modules and training videos of language teachers and learners."

Academic Year 2014-2015

Justus Ogembo, Associate Professor of Education, COLA ~ Italy
"This event, sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF)...brought together scholars from across the world who had conducted fieldwork in diverse communities around the world on `Cultural Models of Nature’..."

Sameer Honwad, Assistant Professor of STEM Education, COLA ~ Bhutan
"I have been working on a long-term research project in Bhutan that is designed to find out how Bhutanese youth merge different knowledge systems and make decisions to tackle urgent environmental problems."

Nicole Fox, Assistant Professor of Sociology, COLA ~ UN Headquarters
"...it was the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Conference, where UN delegates prepared a Platform for Action that worked to achieve greater equality and opportunity for women globally."

Carolyn Gamtso, Associate Profess/Reference & Instruction Librian, UNHM ~ Ireland
Patricia Halpin, Assistant Professor of Biology, UNHM ~ Ireland
"Our presentation at the IFLA Information Literacy Satellite Meeting in Limerick reported on the positive results of our study and reflected on its implications for library distance learning initiatives."

Sean Moore, Associate Professor of English, COLA ~ Ireland
"I travelled to Dublin, Ireland to deliver a talk at the 13th Dublin Symposium on Jonathan Swift at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where Swift was dean from 1714-1745."

Devkamal Dutta, Associate Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship, PAUL ~ India & Hong Kong
"Social ventures are entrepreneurial firms that adopt a business-oriented approach to tackle some of the biggest social challenges facing a region or country."

Kirk Broders, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, COLSA ~ Mexico
"The main purpose of the travel was to initiate a new line of research focused on the evolution of plant-associated microbes with a specific focus on documenting the effect plant domestication has on the associated microbiome of a particular species the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)."

Nicoletta Gullace, Associate Professor of History, COLA ~ England
"The timing of my trip to Britain was particularly auspicious since it coincided with the coming centenary of the First World War."

Alicia Walsh, Biomedical Science-Pre-Vet major and Prof. Conroy at Halali Waterhole, Etosha National Park, Namibia
Alicia Walsh, biomedical science pre-vet major
and Prof. Drew Conroy at Halali Waterhole,
Etosha National Park, Namibia

 Drew Conroy, Professor, TSAS ~ Sub-Saharan Africa
"I spent 3 weeks in ... Kenya, Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Tanzania and Namibia... attending an agricultural forum, visiting an agricultural development project, for which I have been an advisor for some years ... and finally visiting UNH undergraduate student, Alicia Walsh at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Otjiwarongo, Namibia.

Academic Year 2013-2014

Eleanor Harrison-Buck, Associate Professor of Archaeology ~ Belize
"According to sixteenth century Spanish ethnohistoric accounts, settlements in the Belize River East Archaeology (BREA) study area produced large quantities of cacao--the coveted chocolate bean--in all of the Maya Lowlands (Jones 1989). "

Julie Bryce,  Associate Professor of Geochemistry ~ Italy
"...my main motivation to visit my colleagues in Ferrara centers around one word:  mantle. ... The trip also provided a means to initiate new projects to gain insight into processes driving volcanism."

Susan Merrill, Clinical Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy ~ South Africa
"My experiences in South Africa thus far have helped me realize that establishing collaborative relationships is a gradual process; that Americans who come thinking they have “answers” are doomed to fail; and that listening almost always comes before talking."

Yixin Liu, Associate Professor of Finance ~ Greece
"Hellenic American Education Center in Greece in the fall of 2013. HAEC is a relatively young university that promotes college education in English....HAEC was also interested to tap into the vast Chinese market."

Joel Johnson, Associate Professor of Geology ~ Sweden
"...I served as a research mentor and co-mentor for three undergraduate students who took part in a NSF funded International REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program..."

Tom Safford, Associate Professor of Sociology ~ Brazil
"My investigation will examine how scientific and economic data shapes the way stakeholders from the oil and gas, tourism, and fishing sectors, along with public sector actors, assess different coastal development options as well as potential environmental risks.

Academic Year 2012-2013

Per Berglund, Professor of Physics ~ Germany
"...visits and collaborations with theoretical physicists at DESY, one of the world's leading accelerator centres..."

Subhash C. Minocha, Professor of Biological Sciences and Genetics ~ Jordan
"...visit the King’s Academy, Amman, Jordan, to give lectures, hold discussions and talk about my research and UNH Project SMART at the King’s Academy and the University of Jordan."

Kate Hanson, Professor of Community Leadership ~ Thailand
"...possibilities for partnerships between my program/UNH students and organizations in Thailand."

Michelle Grenier, Associate Professor of Kinesiology ~ Scotland
"...research on physical education teacher practices for students with autism spectrum disorders in the Scottish system."

Peter Pekins, Professor of Wildlife Ecology ~ Poland
"...the 7th International Moose Conference in Poland. ...The Bialowieza National Park and Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the largest remaining primeval forests in Europe."

Szu-Feng Chen, Assistant Professor of Theatre & Dance ~ Korea
"...invited by The Theatre Practice (TTP) in Singapore to create set and costume design for its feature musical production for Singapore Kuo Pao Kun Festival..."

Meghan Howey, Assistant Professor of Archaeology ~ Uganda
"...expect robust cultural activity here, as the Ndali lakes are located less than two hundred kilometers northeast of the epicenter for the development of iron smelting technology in East Africa, west of Lake Victoria..."

Jeannie Sowers, Associate Professor of Political Science ~ Egypt
"...research on environmental issues and politics ... to learn more about the ongoing political revolution that began in January 2011."

Academic Year 2011-2012

Amy Boylan, Assistant Professor of Italian ~ Italy

Jenni Cook, Associate Professor of Music ~ Brazil

Lu Yan, Associate Professor of History ~ England

Dain LaRoche, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology ~ Brazil

Heidi Asbjornsen, Associate Professor of Natural Resources ~ Costa Rica

Joel Hartter, Assistant Professor of Geography/Affiliate Assistant Professor of Natural Resources ~ Uganda

Gregory McMahon, Associate Professor of History ~ Turkey

Annie Donahue, Associate Professor/Chairperson—Humanities Division, UNH Manchester Library & Media Services ~ England & Scotland

Eun Kyeong Cho, Assistant Professor of Education ~ South Korea

Alynna Lyon, Associate Professor of Political Science ~ Portugal

Academic Year 2010-2011

Vanessa Druskat, Associate professor of Organizational Behavior ~ Spain

Lina Lee, Associate Professor of Spanish ~ Costa Rica

Ben Harris, Professor of Psychology & Affiliate Professor of History ~ The Netherlands

Robert C. Scharff, Professor of Philosophy ~ Italy

Mary Malone, Assistant Professor of Political Science ~ Costa Rica

Marla Brettschneider, Assistant Professor of Theater ~ Israel

Ruth Varner, Research Associate Professor of Earth, Oceans and Space ~ Sweden

Stephen Trzaskoma, Associate Professor of Classics ~ Scotland

Matt Nesmith, Professor of Theater ~ Germany 

Academic Year 2009-2010

Nelson Barber, Associate Professor of Hospitality ~ Italy

Janet Gold, Associate Professor of Spanish ~ Honduras

Sean Moore, Assistant Professor of English ~ England

Julie Bryce, Associate Professor of Geochemistry ~ Italy

Paula Salvio, Professor of Education ~ Sicily

Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, Assistant Professor of Composition Studies ~ England

Martin McKinsey, Associate Professor of English ~ Scotland

Devkamal Dutta, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship ~ India

Judy Sharkey, Associate Professor of Education ~ Colombia

Academic Year 2008-2009

Marco Dorfsman and Lori Hopkins, Associate Professors of Spanish ~ Brazil

Wheeler Ruml, Assistant Professor of Computer Science ~ Ireland

William Kempster, Associate Professor of Music ~ Czech Republic

Dora Chen, Assistant Professor of Family Studies and Leslie Couse, Associate Professor of Education ~ China

Nadine Bérenguier, Associate Professor of French ~ France

Ahmad Etebari, Professor and Chair of Accounting and Finance ~ New Zealand

Lynette Hamlin, Associate Professor and Chair of Nursing ~ Mexico

Sarah Stitzlein, Assistant Professor of Education ~ Canada

Serita Frey, Associate Professor of Natural Resources & the Environment ~ Costa Rica & Guatemala

Steven Bornstein, Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders - Russia

Louis Tisa, Professor of Microbiology and Genetics - Argentina

Joel Hartter, Assistant Professor of Geography - Uganda

Sarah Sherman, Associate Professor of English - England

Brigitte Bailey, Associate Professor of English - England