Extending Your Stay

An H-1B Department Application for Extension of Stay must be completed by the department and submitted to OISS no later than 90 days prior to the expiration of the employee's current work authorization. Be sure to include information regarding any changes in the position classification, job description, duties, requirements or salary.

A draft support letter will be sent to the individual identified as the department contact. The department contact should review, print on departmental letterhead, and sign the letter.

There are filing fees associated with the submission of any petition or application to USCIS. These fees must be included with the application at the time of filing. If the employee has dependents in the U.S., there will be additional fees to cover the costs of filing extensions for dependents. Payment of filing fees for dependents are the responsibility of the employee.

The employee and the department will be responsible for providing OISS with all necessary information and documentation (below) as part of the extension application.

Required Supporting Documentation

  • A copy of the most recent Form I-94 (employee’s and any dependents')
  • A copy of the employee’s most recent H-1B visa
  • Copies of passports for the employee and any family members. Send only copies of the following pages: biographic information page showing name, date of birth, picture, etc.; page containing the passport expiration date; pages with any U.S. visas.
  • A copy of the employee’s most recent C.V. or resume
  • Copies of any additional degrees conferred since the employee obtained initial H-1B status