Eshan Dave

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEPS)


(l. to r.) UNH Professors Dave and Daniel at the University of Nottingham
(l. to r.) Eshan Dave and Jo Daniel from UNH at the University of Nottingham

I visited Nottingham, England from October 2nd to 6th 2017 to organize and participate in international meetings at the University of Nottingham. The annual RILEM (Réunion Internationale des Laboratoires et Experts des Matériaux, Systèmes de Construction et Ouvrages or International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures) Cluster F technical meetings were scheduled during this week. I am Task Group leader for RILEM Technical Committee (TC) 241: Mechanisms of Cracking and Debonding in Pavements and Secretary for TC264: Recycled Asphalt Pavements.

During my visit, I made two presentations to international experts on the following topics: State of the Art Review on Mechanisms of Cracking in Asphalt Materials and Testing Protocol for Characterization of Recycled Asphalt Materials. I also chaired the meetings for Recycled Asphalt Pavements, during which the five task groups presented their on-going activities on advancing the current state of knowledge and practice on asphalt pavement recycling.


Eshan Dave making presentation at the RILEM meeting at the University of Nottingham

Eshan Dave presenting at the RILEM meeting at the University of Nottingham


Thanks to this grant from the Global Education Center (formerly CIEGE), I was also able to interact with faculty from University of Nottingham on various topics of mutual interest, including the opportunity to make a presentation for a M.Sc. class on some of my resent research on topic of Life Cycle Assessment of Pavements under a Changing Climate.

My trip to Nottingham helped strengthen the relationship between UNH and the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Center (NTEC). Prof. Tony Parry from NTEC will visit UNH in April to participate in a workshop and to give a seminar to our undergraduate and graduate students. Furthermore, Prof. Gordon Airey has been directly involved with some on-going research at UNH. Recently, we have done some collaborative experimental research on moisture damage testing of asphalt pavement materials. A jointly authored paper by UNH researchers and Prof. Airey has been submitted for publication considerations.

Eshan Dave in front of the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham
Eshan Dave in front of the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham