Submissions to the Calendar of Events


We know that many of you have been planning events and programs as part of the celebration. The calendar of events provides the mechanism for those plans and contributions to be featured in CELEBRATE 150.


What qualifies as a CELEBRATE 150 event?

An event or program being planned and implemented by various groups across the university that tells the UNH story of the past 150 years and helps us envision the future.


What is the CELEBRATE 150 Calendar of Events?

It is a comprehensive listing of CELEBRATE 150 events and programs happening university-wide. The calendar is housed within the UNH master calendar, tagged as CELEBRATE 150 with duplication via RSS feed to the CELEBRATE 150 website.


What are the benefits of submitting your event?

Community members will be driven to the calendar of events via the University’s channels of promotion such as UNH Today, the UNH website, UNH Magazine and other publications, as well as the alumni and Parents Council newsletters, among others. This will:

include your area in the celebration,
increase awareness of your event within the greater community, and
drive registration.


How to submit your event

1. Simply go to the University master calendar event submission form.

2. Event details are to be submitted and maintained by the event organizer.

3. Events can be tagged within multiple calendars. For example, the stadium opening can be tagged as part of the Athletics calendar as well as part of the CELEBRATE 150 calendar.



Use the Story and Project Review Form to share with CPA story ideas associated with your event or programming.

Be a part of the CELEBRATE 150 story by using #unh150 for your event and programming communications.