Giving Securities

Gifts of publicly traded or privately held securities are welcomed by the University of New Hampshire Foundation. You can designate your gift to the UNH college/school or area of your choice and potentially save income tax and capital gains tax, too.

A gift of publicly-traded securities can be especially beneficial to you if:

  • You own publicly traded securities that you have owned for at least one year.
  • Some of these securities have increased in value since you bought them.
  • Some of these securities may provide you with little or no income.
  • You would like to make a gift to the University of New Hampshire Foundation.

Giving privately held securities can be beneficial to you:

  • Many executives and entrepreneurs find their most appreciated assets come in the form of non-cash assets such as privately held C- and S-Corp stock, often with a low cost basis and significant current market value, resulting in large capital gains taxes when sold.
  • By donating a portion of these highly appreciated privately held business interests to UNH, you can potentially eliminate capital gains tax liability on the sale and take a full, fair market value income tax deduction.

How giving securities works:

  • You transfer shares of one or more publicly traded securities, such as stock, bonds, and mutual funds, to UNH.
  • The two most common ways to give publicly traded securities are to make an outright gift of your securities or to make a gift of your securities and receive payments for life.


How to transfer securities to the UNH Foundation

Contact the UNH Foundation in advance of the transfer and tell the foundation representative:

  • the name of the stock,
  • the number of shares you will be donating
  • the purpose of the gift (e.g. scholarships, or a particular college, department, team or program)

Notify your broker and provide them the information below: 

UNH Foundation’s broker:
Steward Partners/Raymond James
Mr. Constantine Harris, Financial Advisor
Maria Powers, Senior Registered Client Associate
29 Maplewood Avenue, #C
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Tel: (603) 427-8872 or (844) 572-4435

UNH Foundation Account at Steward Partners/Raymond James: 1769X319
DTC: 0725
UNH Foundation Tax ID: 02‐0437506



If you have any questions, please contact the UNH Foundation gift planning team at or call (603) 862-3029.