Amanda Haney

Assistant Director of Gift Management
Advancement Services


New England Center

Job Description: 

I am the lead of the gift area within Gift and Data Management.  I am responsible for pledges, gifts, online credit cards and maintaining the Matching Gift Program.  I provide support to Advancement Services in all aspects of data and help to improve the quality of our day to day work and documentation pertinent to aide in the training of others.

I love to escape, whether it is in books, venturing off into the woods or walking at the beach. One hobby I excel at is starting projects and not finishing them, this includes scrapbooking and crocheting. I love to learn new things.
Favorite Part of the Job: 
I love knowing that my behind the scenes role is an important piece to the big picture.
Amanda Haney
Type of Position: 
Professional, Administrative & Technical Staff (PAT)
Supervisor's Name: 
Christine Carbone
Start Date at UNH: