Jason Boucher '97

Manager of Social Media
Communications and Public Affairs


New England Center
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Job Description: 

I oversee the social media efforts for The University of New Hampshire, working closely with the communications and marketing team to grow our audience and invite participation from students, staff, faculty, alumni, prospective students, and the greater UNH community.

I love music. I am a former WUNH DJ and I’m currently volunteering with other UNH Alumni at Portsmouth Community Radio. I’m also a collector of vinyl records, CDs, and MP3s, and lover of live music.
Favorite Part of the Job: 
I love educating people about the importance of social media in higher education, and how to properly use a variety of social media tools. The best part? When they see results and it brings a smile to their face.
Type of Position: 
Professional, Administrative & Technical Staff (PAT)
Supervisor's Name: 
Erika Mantz
Start Date at UNH: