FITSI 2021

Tuesday, June 8th to Wednesday, June 9th

FITSI 2021

Silver Linings: Using the Lessons of 2020 to Build More Engaging Classrooms in the Future

June 8-9, 2021, Virtual

Late August, 2021, In Person if possible


2021 is the year of the 20th Annual Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute. This year, we’ll explore the lessons we learned in 2020, and identify new teaching practices we might carry forward. The two-day virtual event will include workshops, presentations, and consultation time. Participants in FITSI will propose a project to increase student engagement in their course using new techniques and/or technologies, and work on that project and assess results with staff from CEITL and Teaching & Learning Technologies.

KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned: Building Back Better - José Antonio Bowen

We got to see a different side of our students and of ourselves during the pandemic. After a forced reimagining of our pedagogy, campus experience, equity, use of technology, and costs, what did we learn? As we prepare for more uncertainty, what best practices from the last year do we need to sustain? Can we use what we have learned to build more engaging and inclusive classrooms, create community and reimagine our pedagogy for a new age? There will never be a better moment to improve the quality and equity of our teaching.