Two Goldwater Honorable Mentions in 2017 Competition

Release Date: 
Friday, April 14, 2017

How does it feel to learn that your research has been recognized by one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the country?

“When I found out I was given the [Goldwater] Honorable Mention, I was blown away,” said Joseph Mancinelli, a UNH junior and member of the honors program majoring in chemistry. “There are so many fantastic researchers out there.”

Tyler Chapman, a junior majoring in Engineering Physics and also a member of the honors program, agreed. “As the Goldwater Scholarship Program is extremely competitive, I was honored to represent the university,” he stated, adding that he is “very thankful” to receive the Honorable Mention.

The Goldwater Scholarship recognizes outstanding undergraduate students pursuing research careers in natural science, mathematics, or engineering fields. For the 2017-2018 academic year, 1,286 Goldwater Scholarship applications were submitted from colleges across the U.S. 240 scholarships were awarded and 307 applicants were named as Honorable Mentions.  Schools can only nominate four students per year, and only sophomores and juniors can apply.

Mancinelli has two goals for his professional future: continue his current research in organic polymers as he pursues a Ph.D. and become a teacher who sparks passion for chemistry in a new generation of students. Mancinelli currently tutors students in chemistry, and he plans to display his research project about new polypyrroles (under the mentorship of chemistry department faculty member Erik Berda) at the Undergraduate Research Conference in late April.

Chapman is specializing in space physics with an eye toward its applications in a rapidly changing world; he works with physics professor Marc Lessard. Tyler noted, “I am currently engaged with space physics research in the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Research Laboratory on campus. I will be continuing this research in Norway this summer through the UNH International Research Opportunities Program; the research project will involve designing an instrument to be flown on an upcoming student rocket mission.” After graduating from UNH, Chapman hopes to continue his current IROP research in Norway as a Fulbright grantee.

Students must be nominated by their universities to compete for the Goldwater Scholarship. Interested students should contact Jeanne Sokolowski, director of the Office of National Fellowships, at for more information about this and other nationally competitive awards.