UNH Capital Projects FY 2016-2021

Updated March 24, 2016

Hamel Recreation Center Expansion

Schedule: Site work started in June 2015 and the full construction began in September. The expansion is scheduled to be completed in August 2016 with the renovations portion of the project starting in May 2016 and completed by January 2017.

Summary: The project will include expansion for fitness, a wellness center, a large multipurpose activity court, a new indoor running track, and additional instructional spaces, as well as renovations to address deferred maintenance. A two story addition will extend out across a portion of the existing outdoor pool with a new main entrance created between the existing recreation center and the new addition, facing NH Hall.

Floor Plan, Hamel Recreation Center, 1st Floor

Hamel Recreation Center Floor Plan 2nd FloorOutdoor Pool

Schedule: Construction starting in July 2015 and will be completed in August of 2016.

Summary: The project will replace the existing WPA era pool with a 14,000-16,000sf pool that will serve the University and the Durham community.  It will include lap lanes and areas for leisure swimming and play for all levels of swimming ability. It’s form and materials will provide a unique setting that fits this natural site and the Durham surroundings.  

Rendering of the outdoor pool
Outdoor Pool
Pool Bathhouse drawing
Outdoor Pool Bathhouse

West Stadium

Schedule: Construction started June 2015 and will  be completed by July 2016.

Summary: This project will provide approximately 6,000 new seats, along with a club level, a press box level, concessions, and restrooms, as well as a service access road and space for TV trucks.  The way it is sited and configured will make it easily accessible from tailgating areas, the Field House, and nearby parking lots; and will anticipate the future construction of South Drive along its southern edge.

Rendering of West Stadium
West Stadium

Hamilton Smith Renovation and Expansion

Schedule: The rear of the building vacated in June 2015 and demolition of the rear portion was completed by November 2015. Full move out occurred in December 2015 and construction started in January of 2016 and will be completed by July 2017.

Summary: This 1907 building is the largest classroom facility and home to English and Philosophy with every student taking at least one class in this building during their time at UNH.  The project will address $11m of deferred maintenance, a multitude of ADA accessibility issues, make the building energy efficient, increase classroom capacity at least 10%, serving a wide array of academic programs.  The project includes a pedestrian bridge to Library Way that has been called for in the Campus Master Plan since 1994.

Rendering of the Hamilton Smith Renovation Project
Hamilton Smith

Integrated Science Renovations, Replacements, and Expansion 

Schedule: detailed planning has been completed, and this is the University System’s top priority for State capital funding in FY18-19.  The University has committed funds for schematic design and that work will be completed by March 2017.  The full design and construction schedule will be finalized when State funding is in place.

Summary: This comprehensive project addresses a number of urgent science facility renovations and expansion to serve the growing number of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM) majors at the University.  It addresses major building system failures as well as essential renovations for laboratory spaces that have outlived their useful life and do not comply with current teaching and research needs. It will include a combination of repurposing and relocating for neuroscience and life science occupants in Spaulding and Conant. It will significantly expand teaching and research biological science labs. This will result in lab spaces that are more adaptable for the evolving needs of these sciences, as well as improving the efficiency and functionality of these laboratories. It will provide state of the art science labs for increased enrollments in key science programs.

Water Treatment Plant Replacement

Schedule: In planning, with construction tentatively to begin in 2017 and completed in 2018. 

Summary: This project will replace the existing water treatment plant located on the north side of the Oyster River at the end of Waterworks Road with a new facility on the south side of the Oyster River off of Mill Road.