Spatial Data Systems

Capital Planning & Management Spatial Data Systems

Capital Planning & Management Spatial Data Systems group uses Computer Aided Design (CAD), Document Management  System (DMS), Global Positioning (GPS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies to manage floor plan/space data, archive/organize facilities historical infrastructure documentation, manage campus infrastructure data.  The campus Spatial Data Systems group assists with operations management, planning, decision support, disaster planning/recovery and special projects. Currently the GIS holds over 15,000 point features and 200 miles of line features covering a broad range of areas including: Utilities, Infrastructure, Accessibility, Transportation, and Natural Resources to name a few. The  Spatial Data Systems group also maintains over 650+ AutoCAD drawings in support of the UNH Campus as well as Aim, Facilities' Integrated Work Management System (IWMS), which manages space information on campus.  The Spatial Data Systems group also oversees Meridian, a document management system, in order to archive and organize over 100,000 archival drawings/documents for efficient retrieval.  In addition to these responsibilities, the Spatial Data Systems group also administers all UNH-owned property records, the UNH CORS base station, the Campus Dig Safe Program, the Facilities plan room and Meridian, the campus floorplans for export to Aim, building room signage, support to FPM (Facilities Project Management) as well as the development and creation of various thematic maps and interactive web applications.

List of Current GIS Data Holdings

Web Applications

Recently Campus Planning GIS has begun to develop a number of web applications, powered by ArcGIS Server, as a way to easily deploy campus data to end users. All web applications are interactive and allow end users to view not only the spatial location of features but also the attribute information for these features as well. 

Maps and Site Plans

In addition to interactive web applications, Spatial Data Systems GIS also creates multiple thematic maps and site plans utilizing data housed within the GIS.  Commonly requested maps include:

  • UNH Property Map
  • UNH Building ID & Address Map
  • Maintenance Zone Map
  • Transportation Bus Route Map
  • Campus Aerial Imagery Map
  • Various Utility Maps, Site Plans, and Campus Electrical One Line Diagram

For a complete list, or to request a map, please contact Sam Lingeman, Spatial Data Systems Manager.