Operations Maintenance Teams

Facilities Operations and Maintenance contains 4 maintenance teams that provide support and service to campus. Each Ops team consists of professionals in the fields of electrical, plumbing, HVAC/R, general mechanical, painting and carpentry.

Ops A - Academic/Administration 
Managers: Tad Thomas and Tom Kelley

14 employees/shop 13 Leavitt Lane
Covers all of the Academics Colleges
Service Requests

Ops B - Business Affairs and Barns
Managers: Carl Whitten, Jeff Prince

28 employees/shop at Williamson Hall
Business Affairs - Dining, housing, sports complexes
Barns for the Colleges of Life Sciences and Agriculture

Ops C - Controls (Automoated Energy Controls)
Manager: Scott Lindquist 

6 employees - located at the shop at 6 Leavitt Lane.  
Internal Department to Facilities

Ops D - Dependability
Managers: Jeff McGrath, Jennifer MugfordTom Neal

30 employees/ shop at 9 Leavitt Lane
Includes: Lockshop, Mobile 5 (2nd, 3rd shift & weekends)
Internal Department to Facilities Operations and other department
Primary focus is on preventative maintenance