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Facilities worker tending leaves on a fall day at UNH


William P. Janelle  Associate Vice President Ritzman Lab 603-862-1903
Stephanie Weatherbee Senior Administrative Assistant Ritzman Lab 603-862-2650
Meghan Proctor Human Resources Partner Ritzman Lab 603-862-4646

Asset Management

Mike Mason Director  13 Leavitt Lane 603-862-0842
Scott Healey Asset Planner/Electrical Inspector 13 Leavitt Lane 603-862-5381
Todd Webber Asset Planner 13 Leavitt Lane 603-862-5360

Campus Planning

Douglas Bencks University Architect and Director  Ritzman Lab 603-862-2791
David Clark Space Utilization Specialist Ritzman Lab 603-862-0161
Sam Lingeman GIS/CAD Administrator Ritzman Lab 603-862-4218
Shawn Herrick Senior GIS Analyst Ritzman Lab 603-862-3931
Stephen Pesci Special Projects Director Ritzman Lab 603-862-4207
Stephen Hunter Architectural Drafting Specialist Ritzman Lab 603-862-0761
Susan Thorne Design Manager Ritzman Lab 603-862-5438
Ginelle Harbeson Document Management  Specialist Ritzman Lab 603-862-5458

Energy and Utilities

Matt O'Keefe Director, Energy and Utilities 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-1276
Adam Kohler Campus Energy Manager 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-5491
David Bowley Utility Systems Manager   6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-0647
Mike Jeannette Co-Gen Facilities Director (EMCOR) Service Building 603-862-3862

Facilities Business Service Center (BSC)

Rhonda Vincent Director Ritzman Lab 603-862-2452
Jane Vaughn Assistant Director 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-2970
Mary Duquette Business Service Assistant II Ritzman Lab 603-862-5440
Amanda Marone Sr. Plant Fund Accounting Specialist Ritzman Lab 603-862-0148
Katie Moore Financial Support Speciliast Ritzman Lab 603-862-4452
Valerie LaBrun Financial Support Specialiast 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-2588
Christopher Sand Financial Support Specialist 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-3994

Facilities Control Center (FCC)

Shelby Boynton Manager 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-0259
Laurie Cilley Sr. Information Support Assistant 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-1496
Robbin Sleeper Sr. Information Support Assistant 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-2386
Lauren Perry Sr. Information Support Assistant 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-1439

Kate Wilcox

Sr. Information Support Assistant 6 Leavitt Lane


Facilities Information Technology Group (FITG)

Robert Fortier Information Technology Manager 2 Leavitt Lane 603-862-1670
Carol Martin Information Technologist III 2 Leavitt Lane 603-862-4460
Mike Pirkl Information Technologist III 2 Leavitt Lane 603-862-1424
Jennifer Blankenship Information Systems Technical & Business Analyst 2 Leavitt Lane 603-862-1277

Facilities Project Management (FPM)

Brenda Whitmore Director Ritzman Lab 603-862-2569
Gregg Boie Project Manager  Ritzman Lab 603-815-2027
Alex Brickett Sr. Project Manager Ritzman Lab 603-862-0394
Mark Geuther Sr. Project Manager Ritzman Lab 603-862-1787
Paul Henry Project Manager  Ritzman Lab 603-862-0290
Don Houde Project Manager Ritzman Lab 603-862-2985
Matthew Mancini Project Manager  Ritzman Lab 603-862-0894
Mindy Mozzoni Document Controller Ritzman Lab 603-862-5458
Nicholas Peters Project Manager Ritzman Lab  
Daniel Rines Project Manager Ritzman Lab 603-862-1727
Richard Rouleau Sr. Project Manager Ritzman Lab 603-862-3210

Facilities Services Administration

Larry Van Dessel Executive Director 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-2099
Susanne Bennett Director of Administration and Contracts 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-3937

Grounds and Events

Paul Chaloux Manager 21 Waterworks 603-608-8353
James Malo Supervisor 21 Waterworks 603-608-8292
Brian Mead Supervisor 21 Waterworks  603-505-6751


Academic Buildings      
Eddy Embly Account Manager, ABM Custodial 6 Leavitt Lane 603-362-2648
Michael Medeiros Operational Manager 6 Leavitt lane  
Jean Mitchell Manager, UNH Housekeeping 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-4746
Jeremy Purdy Supervisor, UNH Housekeeping 6 Leavitt Lane 617-862-2143

Lock Shop

Thomas Neal Supervisor of Hardware Services 6 Leavitt Lane 603-608-9195

Warehouse and Stockroom

John Dube Manager 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-2803

Maintenance Operations Teams

Jeff McGrath Ops D Manager Field House 603-817-9347
Tad Thomas Ops A Manager 13 Leavitt Lane 603-608-9318
Scott Lindquist Ops C Manager 6 Leavitt Lane 603-862-2345
Carl Whitten Ops B Manager Williamson Hall 603-608-8922