CMP Committees

Campus Master Plan Committees

Steering Committee (9)

This committee directs and approves for recommendation to the President the scope of the master plan, the master plan process, and the elements, strategies, and sequences of the plan.

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs - John Aber
Vice President for Finance and Administration - Dick Cannon
Vice President of Student and Academic Services - Mark Rubinstein
Vice President of Advancement - Deborah Dutton
President's Office Chief of Staff - Megan Davis
Deans Representative - Kenneth Fuld
Deans Representative - Jon Wraith
Faculty Senate Representative - William Berndtson
Assistant Vice President for Energy and Campus Development - Paul Chamberlin (CHAIR)
Town Administrator for the Town of Durham - Todd Selig
COLA Dean's Office - Lynn Beaver

Campus Master Planning Committee (52)

This committee represents all aspects of the community, and serves as the sounding board for issues that need to be addressed, and for discussions and presentations of options, considerations, and alternatives.

Steering Committee (see above) (9)

Academic Affairs (21)

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs - Lisa MacFarlane
Senior Vice Provost for Research - Jan Nisbet
Senior Vice Provost for Engagement and Academic Outreach - Julie Williams
Associate Provost for Academic Administration - Leigh Anne Melanson
Dean of the Graduate School - Harry Richards
Dean of the College of Liberal Arts - Kenneth Fuld
Dean of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture - Jon Wraith
Dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences - Samuel Mukasa
College of Health and Human Services - Neil Vroman
Dean of the Whittemore School of Business and Economics - Daniel Innis
Dean of the University Library - Sherry Vellucci
Dean (Interim) for UNH Manchester - Sally Ward
Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension - John Pike
Director of Affirmative Action and Equity - Donna Marie Sorrentino
Director of the Carsey Institute - Bruce Mallory
Director of the Earth, Oceans and Space Institute - Harlan Spence
Director of the Marine Program - Jonathan Pennock
Executive Director of the Office for Research Partnerships & Commercialization - Marc Sedam
Director of the Sustainability Academy - Thomas Kelly
University Registrar - Kathie Forbes

Student and Academic Services (4)

Associate Provost for Academic Achievement - Judith Spiller
Dean of Students - M. Anne Lawing
Assistant Vice President for Student and Academic Services - Kevin Charles
Assistant Vice President for Student and Academic Services - Scott Chesney

Finance and Administration (5)

Information Technology -Deb Bronson
Associate Vice President for Finance (Interim) - Joanna Young
Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs - David May
Executive Director for Facilities Services- Larry Van Dessel

President's Office (2)

Athletics - Marty Scarano
Special Assistant to the President Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives - Mica Stark

At-Large Representatives (11)

University Communications - Justin Harmon
Alumni Association - Steve Donovan
Faculty Senate - Ken Flesher, William Berndtson
Undergraduate Student Representative - A.J. Coukos
Graduate Student Representative - Sonic Woytonik
Student Body President/Vice President - Dylan Palmer, Alex Eicher
Extension Educator Council - Julia Peterson
PAT Staff Council - Teri Hurley
Operating Staff Council - Monique Couillard
Town Director of Planning and Community Development - Michael Behrendt
Durham Planning Board Representative - Julian Smith
Strafford Regional Planning Commission - Cynthia Copeland