Committee for Campus Aesthetics

The Wildcat statue is being lowered into place.


The Committee for Campus Aesthetics maintains, enhances, and heightens aesthetic awareness at the University through the thoughtful development, and placement of public art, memorials and tributes, and appropriate, coordinated signage. 

Who We Are

We are a standing committee convened at the direction of the President. The committee is representative of the breadth of the campus community, including the Museum of Art, Campus Planning, the Sustainability Academy, Facilities Services, President’s Office, Foundation, University Communications, Operating and PAT staff, the Student Senate, and the faculty (6 representatives, including 1 from the library, and 2 from the Department of Art and Art History).

What We Do

The University of New Hampshire is known for the beauty of its campus.  Its location comprises many habitats from woods and farmlands to streams, rivers, and estuaries.  The campus itself is a dynamic blend of architectural styles.  As the University meets the challenges of the 21st century, preserving and cultivating a strong and unique sense of place is part of that charge. The Committee has three primary tasks:

  • Facilitation of public art (proposed and existing) including standards for acquisition, quality, relevance, siting, tenure, and maintenance. The committee has drafted guidelines for public works of art on campus.
  • When requested, offer recommendations on policies affecting proposed signage, both permanent and temporary.
  • In concert with Campus Planning consideration of Campus Tribute Gifts, landscaping, buildings, and other projects when appropriate.

The Committee meets monthly and makes recommendations to the president of the University.