Student Affairs Committee

Chair: Susan Endrizzi

The Student Affairs Committee will concern itself with student services and non-academic student programs, including athletics.

The chair will try to ensure that a member of this committee or the Faculty Senate can represent the faculty at the Student Senate as needed. The Student Affairs Committee is encouraged to invite a Student Senate observer to its meetings.

Reports and motions need to be forwarded electronically to the Agenda Committee for review and placement on the agenda, which will be sent to Senators on the Thursday or Friday before the Senate meeting. Every effort will be made to include reports and motions as electronic back-ups for each Faculty Senate meeting so that Senators have access to the material ahead of time and can be prepared to deliberate on the materials. The Committee’s assistance with preparing and submitting the documents to assist the Senate is greatly appreciated.

Corresponding Administrators:

Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Services


Student Affairs Committee

Charges for Academic Year 2018-19

 1. Report on mental health services for students, specifically what is being done to prevent crises, for example promoting coping skills.  Assess whether the restructuring of the Counseling Center into PACS (Psychological and Counseling Services) has benefitted students and their academic performance. Report in March.

2. Analyze and assess the growing issues around Student Accommodation Services. Specifically, there is great concern that there is not adequate support for faculty in terms of the growing number and difficult cases of special accommodations for students. Full report in February.

3. Make recommendations about methods of increasing the percentage of students who complete online evaluations.

4. Review the period when student evaluations are available, including whether a flexible release at the instructor’s direction is possible, and make recommendations about the timing of student evaluations.

5. Review Student Senate Resolutions on universal syllabi and make recommendations to the full Faculty Senate. Report by October.

6. Review the Student Senate motion advocating for students following sexual abuse and, if appropriate, create a motion.

7. Monitor state legislature for possible votes regarding guns on campus. Report as necessary.

8. Follow up on the proposed policy concerning animals on campus. Report as necessary.

9. Monitor how the campus climate initiative on diversity and inclusion is working to address issues of underrepresented students and their ongoing social and classroom struggles.

10.  Indigenous Peoples Day: Review the proposal to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day; working with the authors of the proposal (Lana Peshkova, Casey Golomski, and Megan Howey), as well as with other key stakeholders (Monica Chiu and the central administrative leadership), consider the benefits and negatives of such an action. Provide motion or report to Faculty Senate by April.

Standing Charge

The charges from the Agenda Committee shall comprise the major and first-order work of the Student Affairs Committee. However, the Committee may pursue additional issues in pursuit of its mission, stated above. If the additional issue interferes with the timelines stated in the charges above, the Committee must receive permission from the Agenda Committee before proceeding. If the additional interest does not interfere with the established timelines, the Committee must inform the Agenda Committee.

Student Affairs Committee Membership 2018-19

  • Susan Endrizzi, Theatre & Dance, COLA, chair
  • Martha Byam, Social Work, CHHS
  • Harriet Fertik, Classics, Humanities, & Italian Studies, COLA
  • Katya Karaivanova, Psychology, COLA 
  • John Miller, Kinesiology, CHHS
  • Evangelos Simos, Economics, PCBE
  • Richard Smith, Natural Resources & the Environment, COLSA
  • Nena Stracuzzi, Sociology, COLA
  • Elsa Upham, English, COLA
  • Bill Woodward, Psychology, COLA
  • Graduate Student Senate Representative
  • Audrey Getman, Student Senate Representative