Student Affairs Committee

Chair: Martha Byam

The Student Affairs Committee will concern itself with student services and non-academic student programs, including athletics.

The chair will try to ensure that a member of this committee or the Faculty Senate can represent the faculty at the Student Senate as needed. The Student Affairs Committee is encouraged to invite a Student Senate observer to its meetings.

Reports and motions need to be forwarded electronically to the Agenda Committee for review and placement on the agenda, which will be sent to Senators on the Thursday or Friday before the Senate meeting. Every effort will be made to include reports and motions as electronic back-ups for each Faculty Senate meeting so that Senators have access to the material ahead of time and can be prepared to deliberate on the materials. The Committee’s assistance with preparing and submitting the documents to assist the Senate is greatly appreciated.

Corresponding Administrators:

Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Services


Student Affairs Committee

Charges for Academic Year 2017-2018

A.  Ongoing Charge

B.  New Charges

1.  What is UNH’s Title IX policy and process for reporting, and what actions are expected of faculty following a report? Ask for clarification on the narrow definition of clergy (current definition excludes lay ministers, which could be problematic). Work with Jaime Nolan’s office.

2.   Monitor the report from administration on Navitas particularly with regard to integration of those students both socially and academically into the UNH community. The Committee will share this responsibility with Academic Affairs

3.   Assess and present ideas/policies to improve our campus “climate” for inclusion and civility and critical debate of all ideas. Related to this is examining the Student’s Rights, Rules and Responsibilities for adequate policy to support this issue.  (Respect for others rule)

4.   Compose a list of issues concerning use of technology by students in the classroom. This involves reviewing existing policy and may include assessment of faculty experiences.

5.   Assess study abroad academic requirements and policies to ensure support and transparency for all students. Request rationale for refusing exceptions to 2.5 GPA requirements.

 6.  In response to the events of May 5, 2017, the Administration seems ready to make changes in policy, new initiatives, etc. In what ways can faculty be effectively engaged in this?

7.  Follow up on the university’s policy on support and comfort animals.

8.  Review the current rule in Students Rights, Rules and Responsibilities Handbook (5.23(fs)) prohibiting exams in the final week of classes (“no announced oral or written test may be given during the last five days of classes preceding the examination period”) and produce a  report and, if appropriate, a motion. The report should include the reasons for and/or against the current and any proposed new policy.


1. Assess the status of underrepresented students and their ongoing social and classroom struggles.

2. Compose list of issues concerning use of technology by students. 

3. Monitor state legislature for possible votes regarding guns on campus.

4. Assess study abroad academic requirements and policies, especially regarding transparency, and the rationale for refusing exceptions to the 2.5 GPA requirement.



Standing Charge

The charges from the Agenda Committee shall comprise the major and first-order work of the Student Affairs Committee. However, the Committee may pursue additional issues in pursuit of its mission, stated above. If the additional issue interferes with the timelines stated in the charges above, the Committee must receive permission from the Agenda Committee before proceeding. If the additional interest does not interfere with the established timelines, the Committee must inform the Agenda Committee.

Student Affairs Committee Membership 2017-2018

  • Martha Byam, Social Work, CHHS
  • Adam Boucher, Mathematics & Statistics, CHHS
  • Susan Endrizzi, Theatre & Dance, COLA
  • Katya Karaivanova, Psychology, COLA (on leave F17)
  • Joe Onosko, Education, COLA
  • Evangelos Simos, Economics, PCBE
  • Richard Smith, Natural Resources & the Environment, COLSA
  • Nena Stracuzzi, Sociology, COLA
  • Nate Trauntvein, Recreation Management & Policy (proxy F'17)
  • Elsa Upham, English, COLA
  • Allison Wilder, Recreation Management & Policy, CHHS (on leave F'17)
  • Graduate Student Senate Representative
  • Student Senate Representative