Senators & Senate Committees

Faculty Senators: 2020-2021 Academic Year

Agenda Committee 2020-2021

  • Erin Sharp, Human Development & Family Studies, CHHS, Chair

  • Kevin Healey, Communication, COLA, Vice  Chair (elected on 11/2/20)

  • Rosemarie Came, Earth Sciences, CEPS (served as Vice  Chair from 05/04/20 - 11/2/20)

  • David Bachrach, History, COLA, Past Chair

  • Ann Bartow, UNH School of Law

  • James Connell, Physics, CEPS

  • Allison Wilder, Recreation Management and Policy, CHHS (elected on 11/2/20) 

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Faculty Senators 2020-2021

  • Accounting and Finance (John Hasseldine*) (William Knowles)
  • Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Systems
    (Kevin Pietro* - Spring proxy, Katherine Lockwood) (Laurie Chapman-Bosco - proxy, Tom Davis)
  • Anthropology (shares Geography senator) 
  • Art and Art History (Liese Zahabi*)
  • Biological Sciences (Gregg Moore)
    (Subhash Minocha*)
  • Chemical Engineering (Jeffrey Halpern*)
  • Chemistry (Erik Berda*)(Gonghu Li) 
  • ​Civil Engineering (Tom Ballestero*) (Eshan Dave) 
  • Classics, Humanities, & Italian Studies
    (Harriet Fertik* - Fall proxy, Gregory McMahon) (Will Smiley)
  • Communication (Kevin Healey*) (Joseph Terry)
  • Communication Sciences Disorders
    (Don Robin* - proxy, Donna Schefer)
  • Computer Science (Michel Charpentier*)
    (Wheeler Ruml - proxy, Betsy Coleman)
  • Decision Sciences (Roger Grinde)(Peter Zaimes*)
  • Earth Sciences (Rosemarie Came) (Jo Laird*)
  • Economics (Marc Herold*) (Andrew Seal)
  • Education (Andrew Coppens) (Judith Sharkey*- proxy, Mary Schuh)
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
    (Nicholas Kirsch)
  • English (Thomas Haines*) (Lisa MacFarlane*) and (Robin Hackett)
  • Geography (Tu Lan*)
  • Health Management & Policy (Rosemary Caron)
  • History (David Bachrach*)(Jan Golinski - Fall proxy, Marion Dorsey)
  • Hospitality Management (Valentini Kalargyrou* - Spring proxy, Dan Innis)
  • Human Development & Family Studies
  • (Erin Sharp*)
  • Kinesiology (Michelle Grenier, Spring proxy, Dan Sedory)
  • Languages, Literatures, & Cultures(Alex Holznienkemper*) (Charles Vannette)
  • Library (Kathrine Aydelott)
  • Management (Vanessa Druskat*)(Carole Barnett)
  • Marketing (Moein Khanlari)
  • Mathematics & Statistics (David Feldman*)(John McClain)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Ivo Nedyalkov*) (Igor Tsukrov)
  • Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences  (Matthew MacManes), (Timothy Montminy*)
  • Music (Robert Eshbach* - Spring proxy, Casey Goodwin) (Daniel Beller-McKenna) 
  • Natural Resources & the Environment
    (Clayton Mitchell*) (Wilfred Wollheim)
  • Nursing (Joyce Cappiello*) (Cathleen Colleran)
  • Occupational Therapy (Vidyalakshmi Sundar*-  proxy, Shelley Mulligan)
  • Philosophy(Ruth Sample)
  • Physics and Astronomy (James Connell*) (Joe Dwyer)
  • Political Science (Susan Siggelakis)
  • Psychology (Kat Karaivanova*) (Bill Woodward)
  • Recreation Management & Policy
    (Allison Wilder*)
  • School of Law (Ann Bartow*) (Jennifer Davis )
  • Social Work (Patrick Shannon - proxy, BoRin Kim*) (John DeJoie)
  • Sociology (Rebecca Glauber - Fall proxy, Catherine Moran;  Spring Proxy, Nena Stracuzzi)
  • Theater & Dance (Szu-Feng Chen)
  • UNH-Manchester (Phillip Deen*)
    (Stephen Pimpare*) and (James Ramsay)
  • Women's and Gender Studies (Sharyn Potter)



* Term ending in May of 2021 (All others have terms ending in May of 2022)