Senate representation on University-wide committees

Faculty Senate representatives on University-wide committees are listed in bold type
for 2019-2020 academic year


  • Alumni Association Board of Directors

Point of contact:  Susan Entz
2019-2022 Faculty Senate representative:  Brent Bell 


  • Athletic Advisory Committee

This committee includes 5 full-time faculty, one of whom is appointed by the Faculty Senate
Andrew Smith has been representing the Faculty Senate on this committee since 2015
2019-2021 Senate Representative:  Andrew Smith


  •  Disclosure Review Committee

Chaired by
Administrator: Melissa McGee
The Disclosure Review Committee does not have a schedule of regular meetings, but rather meets as needed (often via email rather than in person) when a disclosure is received by the Research Office – usually between one to three times a year.  
2020-2021 Faculty Senate Representative:  Ivo Nedyalkov 


  • Digital Communication Steering Committee (DCSC)

Chaired by Terri Winters, Assistant Vice Provost for Digital Learning & Communication
This committee meets quarterly
 2019-2021 Senate representative: Liese Zahabi

  • Discovery Committee

In addition to elected members of the Discovery Committee, there is one Faculty Senate representative (who need not be a senator, but must be a faculty member) selected by the Faculty Senate Agenda Committee.  This is a voting member of the committee.  The term is one-year with an option to renew approved by the Agenda Committee. 
2020-2022 - Senate representative:  Jay Colbert


  • Energy Task Force

Chaired by Bill Janelle
contact person:  Jennifer Andrews

Faculty Senate representative: 2021-22:  J. Matthew Davis
Faculty Senate representatives 2019 - 2021:  Clay Mitchell and Cameron Wake

  • Faculty Awards Committee
The work for this committee is concentrated in 2 to 3 weeks in the Spring (March and April).  It involves a review of applications and approximately two lengthly meetings.
2019-2021 Senate representative:  Madhavi Devasher

  • Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee
This committee meets in the spring.  Generally, the Senate vice chair serves as the Senate representative on this committee. 
Chaired by Provost Jones and Megan Davis
Contact person:  Jennifer Woodside 
2021-22 Senate representative: Matthew MacManes, Senate vice chair
2020-21 Senate representative:  Kevin Healey, Senate vice chair
2019-2020 Senate representative, Erin Sharp, Senate vice-chair


  • MyElements/FAR Governance Board

chaired by Terri Winters, Assistant Vice Provost for Digital Learning & Communication
2020-2021 Senate representative:  Szu-Feng Chen
2019-2020 Senate representative, Patrick Shannon


  • MUB Board of Governors
This committee meets every other Friday from 11 a.m. to Noon
Contact person:  Tirthadeep Das
Robert Robertson has represented the Faculty Senate on this committee for several years

2019-2021:  Senate representative: Robert Robertson


  • Portal Governance Committee

Chaired by Alicia Medros, Associate Director of Academic Technology
Meets the 3rd Tuesday of every 3 months 11:00 -12:00

2020-2021 Committee is not active 
2019-2020 Faculty Senate representative:  Vanessa Druskat, Management

  • Research Council
This is an advisory body to the Senior Vice Provost on matters pertaining to the support and advancement of excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activities at UNH
The Faculty Senate representative is usually held by the RPSC chair
2020-2021 Faculty Senate representatives:  Nathan Schwadron and Gregg Moore 
2019-2020 Faculty Senate representative: TBD


  • Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarly Activity Committee
Membership is held ex officio by the chair of the Senate's Professional Standards Committee (which is always chaired by the Senate's vice-chair)
2020-2021 Faculty Senate representative, Ivo Nedyalkov, chair of the Faculty Senate Research
and Professional Service Committee 
2019-2020 Faculty Senate Representative:  Erin Sharp, Senate vice-chair and PSC chair


  • Space Allocation, Repair, and Renovation Committee (SAARC)

Chaired by Chris Clement
Contact person:  Jean Richard
Meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month (with the exception of two additional meetings in October and November) from 12:30 to 2 in the Board of Trustees Room, Thompson Hall.
The Faculty Senate representative has an observer role on SAARC

2020-2021 Faculty Senate Representative: Robert Eshbach

Faculty Senate representatives:  Erik Berda, Roger Grinde, Nick Kirsch, Kevin Pietro, and Andrew Seal, 
Note: these senators also represent their college on this committee


Faculty Senate Representative:  Andrew Coppens, Chair of the Senate Student Affairs Committee 


  • Student Success Steering Committee (SSSC)

Chaired by Nicky Gullace
Mission: The Student Success Steering Committee will support the coordination of planning around the use of myWildcat Success in advising and student retention efforts including feature review and assessment of fit for use.
2020-2021 Faculty Senate representative:  Lisa MacFarlane
2019-2020 Faculty Senate representatives:  Scott Smith, Gretchen Bean, and Matt Magnusson


  • Sustainability Task Force
Chaired by  Chris Clement, Tom Kelly, and Stephen Trzaskoma
Contact person: Jennifer Andrews
This committee meets monthly, usually in a central location such as the Dimond Library

2019-2021 Faculty Senate representative:  Eleta Exline

  • Title IX Advisory Council 

2020-2021 Faculty Senate representative:  Erin Sharp


  • Transportation Policy Committee

Chaired by Chris Clement
Contact person:  Stephen Pesci
The Faculty Senate has two voting representatives on this committee and the appointments are made by the Campus Planning Committee

2021-22 Faculty Senate Representatives:  Wilfred Wollheim and Kate Zambon
2020-2021/2019-2020 Faculty Senate Representatives: Moein Khanlariand Kate Zambon


  • University Committee on Real Property Acquisition and Disposal (CORPAD)

Chaired by Chris Clement
Contact person:  Michael Mason
The Faculty Senate representative is a voting member of this committee
2020-2021/2019-2020 Faculty Senate Representative: Tom Ballestero

27. University Community Scholarship Fund Committee
Chair:  Carol Main
The time commitment for this committee is at the end of April and involves reading letters of recommendation for student nominees.
2019-2020 Faculty Senate representative:  TBD

27.  USNH Bookstore Vendor Solicitation Committee
Co-Chair:  Rick MacDonald
2019-2020 Representative:  Joe Terry
2020-2021:  Committee is no longer active 

28.  UNH Outreach and Engagement Counci
Project Manager:  Pam Doherty
The Outreach and Engagement Council will strategically champion the collective impact of UNH at the state, region and global scale through extension, outreach, engaged scholarship, and research to fulfill the land-grant mission. 
202-2021 Faculty Senate representative:  John McClain and Ivo Nedyalkov


30.  University Commission on Community, Equity and Diversity (CEED)
Chairs:  Shari Robinson and Mike Shuttic
contact person:  Allyson Ryder, Office of Community, Equity & Diversity
Two-year term, meets monthly

2020-2021/2019-2020 Faculty Senate representative:  Don Robin

31.  USNH Board of Trustees
2021-2022 Senate Representatives:  Kevin Healey, Senate chair, and Matthew MacManes, Senate vice chair 

32. USNH Educational Excellence Committee
2020-2021 Faculty Senate representative, Andrew Seal, Chair, Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee, ex officio, as a non-voting observer

33.  USNH Board of Trustees, Financial Affairs Committee

2021-22 Faculty Senate representative:  Jeffrey Halpern and  Stephen Pimpare, co-chairs of the Senate's Finance and Administration Committee ex officio, as a non-voting observer

Committees that are inactive, on hold, or are formed on an as-needed basis

  • Academic Standards and Advising Committee Plus (ASAC +)

Chaired by Terri Winters, Assistant Vice Provost for Digital Learning & Communication
This committee meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month, 8:45 to 10:30 am.

The ITC has  a non-voting seat for its chair on the Academic Standards and Advising Committee Plus (ASAC+). This is a committee of associate deans from all colleges plus the deans of the Library, the Graduate School, and students who meet with Terri Winters to plan and approve academic-related technology projects.
2020-2021 Faculty Senate Representative: Matt MacManes
2019-2020 Faculty Senate Representative:  Alex Holznienkember

  • Academic Technology Steering Committee – USNH (ATSC)

This is a USNH committee chaired by GSC provost Scott Stanley
Per 8/24/20 email this committee is being reimagined.  Therefore, no Senate representative has been assigned.

2019-2020 Faculty Senate representative:  Sarah Theimer

  • ​​Campus Master Plan Steering Committee

Chaired by DougBencks
This committee is on hold until 2020
2020-2021 Senate representative:  Mary Schuh

  • Committee for Campus Aesthetics

Chaired by Kristian Durocher
This committee meets only on an “as needed” basis.
The Senate's Campus Planning Committee will appoint someone if and when it is needed
2020-2021 Senate representative:  Mary Schuh

  • President’s Advisory Council on Campus Climate

2020-2021:  Not active.  This committee was consolidated into the Univerity Commission on Community, Equity, and Diversity (CEED)
2019-2020 Faculty Senate representative: Cristy Beemer

  • University Information Security Committee (UNH ISC)

Chaired by Rori Boyce-Werner, UNH Information Security Compliance Program Manager
The Senate has not had membership on this committee in the recent past or ever.  In 2019 Rori shared this information:  “When [Faculty Senate membership] was discussed last year it was decided that adding a Faculty member to the UNH ISC (UNH Information Security Committee) was not appropriate because of the technical nature of the committee.  I suggested that it might be more appropriate for a member of the UNH ISC to regularly meet with the Faculty Senate group that focuses on technology.” 
2019-2020 Faculty Senate Representative: TBD