Research & Public Service Committee

Chair: David Finkelhor

The Research and Public Service Committee will concern itself with the University's research and public service programs.

Reports and motions need to be forwarded electronically to the Agenda Committee for review and placement on the agenda, which will be sent to Senators on the Thursday or Friday before the Senate meeting. Every effort will be made to include reports and motions as electronic back-ups for each Faculty Senate meeting so that Senators have access to the material ahead of time and can be prepared to deliberate on the materials. The Committee’s assistance with preparing and submitting the documents to assist the Senate is greatly appreciated.

Corresponding Administrators:

Senior Vice Provost for Research; Senior Vice Provost for Engagement and Academic Outreach


Research and Public Service Committee

Charges for Academic Year 2018-19

1. Monitor implementation of the proposed policy on start-up companies (#XXII-M16), ensuring that it is implemented according to Faculty Senate guidance.

2. Seek a useful and precise definition of “engaged scholarship” in the context of UNH and make recommendations how it should be approached and addressed in Promotion and Tenure documents at the university, college and department level.

3. Identify possible ways that faculty can be more engaged in the recruitment of students to the university. Possible approaches are: a) the creation of a faculty SWAT team to meet with guidance counselors in area high schools (possibly “faculty recruitment fellows”), b) the promotion of research and scholarship in public settings, and c) public service projects in collaboration with students to advertise to potential students.


Standing Charge
The charges from the Agenda Committee shall comprise the major and first-order work of the Research and Public Service Committee. However, the Committee may pursue additional issues in pursuit of its mission, stated above. If the additional issue interferes with the timelines stated in the charges above, the Committee must receive permission from the Agenda Committee before proceeding. If the additional interest does not interfere with the established timelines, the Committee must inform the Agenda Committee. 


Research and Public Service Committee Membership 2018-19

  • David Finkelhor, Sociology, COLA, chair
  • Marko Knezevic, Mechanical Engineering, CEPS
  • Casey Golomski, Anthropology, COLA 
  • Todd Guerdat, Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Systems, COLSA
  • Scott Ollinger, Natural Resources & the Environment, COLSA
  • Subrena Smith, Philosophy, COLA
  • Robinson Swift, Mechanical Engineering, CEPS
  • Anita Tucker, Social Work, CHHS
  • Cheryl Whistler, Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Science, COLSA