Information Technology Committee

Chair: John Gibson

The Information Technology Committee will concern itself with matters pertaining to information technology.

Reports and motions need to be forwarded electronically to the Agenda Committee for review and placement on the agenda, which will be sent to Senators on the Thursday or Friday before the Senate meeting. Every effort will be made to include reports and motions as electronic back-ups for each Faculty Senate meeting so that Senators have access to the material ahead of time and can be prepared to deliberate on the materials. The Committee’s assistance with preparing and submitting the documents to assist the Senate is greatly appreciated.

Corresponding Administrators:

Chief Information Officer, Director of Academic Technology


Information Technology Committee

Charges for Academic Year 2017-18

A.  Ongoing Charges

B.  New Charges

1. Work with the appropriate people and governing bodies to ensure that faculty views on information technology are represented and important information is brought back to the Faculty Senate:

a. The heads of Academic Technology (AT), Information Technology (IT), and Communications and Public Affairs (C&PA)

b. Academic Standards and Advising Committee (ASAC+), the primary governing body for Academic Technology

c. Digital Communications Steering Committee, which is developing UNH web standards and policies

2. Continue to monitor and review the redesign of department websites, with particular attention to:

a. Usability of these sites by current and prospective students and faculty

b. The mechanisms by which departments can update and maintain department websites

c. The ability of faculty/staff to make rapid changes to department websites when necessary

3. Work with the Senior Vice Provost on a review of the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) pilot program, expected to be happening with Paul college and COLA undeclared students. Of particular concern are the following:

a. The likely costs and benefits of SSC.

b. Transparency of the SSC's measures for evaluating students

c. Expectations for faculty participation and amount of additional workload 

d. Interoperability with existing systems such as DegreeWorks and Canvas 

4. Review and make recommendations on an as-needed basis for continuance, replacement, or modification of software systems for academic support; e.g. Open Scholar, Elements, Blue, e-mail (particularly storage concerns), and appointment software.

5. Review the technology survey from the spring of 2017 to identify and resolve the most pressing issues; e.g. Help-desk hours/availability, software churn, and the seemingly constant need for targeted training of faculty on new software systems.

6. Monitor implementation of the revised Faculty Activity Reporting System.

7. Continue work on “web governance.” 

8. Review the proposed Faculty Enlight course materials adoption tool, intended to replace Booklist, and report your findings and recommendations.

9. Research and make needed recommendations regarding the issue that the online registration system that students use to be able to add/drop courses during the first 2 weeks of classes in a given semester does not recognize the pre-requisite requirements assigned to the course in the course catalog and the time and room schedule. In the current system, course instructors have to monitor any student additions to the course, check by hand whether those students meet the pre-requisites, and drop those students who do not from course.

Standing Charge

The charges from the Agenda Committee shall comprise the major and first-order work of the Information Technology Committee. However, the Committee may pursue additional issues in pursuit of its mission, stated above. If the additional issue interferes with the timelines stated in the charges above, the Committee must receive permission from the Agenda Committee before proceeding. If the additional interest does not interfere with the established timelines, the Committee must inform the Agenda Committee.

Information Technology Committee Membership 2017-2018

  • John Gibson, Mathematics & Statistics, CEPS, chair
  • Katie Edwards, Psychology, COLA (on leave F17)
  • Arthur Mathieson, Biological Sciences, COLSA
  • Matthew Plumlee, Computer Science, CEPS
  • Patricia Puccilli, Nursing, CHHS
  • George Roth, Management, PCBE
  • Skip Tenczar, UNH-Manchester
  • Joseph Terry, Communication, COLA
  • Sarah Theimer, Library
  • Bill Woodward, Psychology, COLA (proxy F17)
  • Lu Yan, History, COLA