2019 - 2021 Discovery Review Committee

2019-2020 Discovery Review Committee (DRC) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the DRC Proposal 

Summary of DRC Proposal 
(02/23/21 version)

Motion to Endorse DRC Recommendations
(presented to the Senate 02/22/21) 

Agenda Committee Summary of Feedback on DRC Recommendations

Summary of DRC Proposal  (No longer current.  See 02/23/21 version above) 
(12/20 version)

2020 Discovery Review Committee Final Report and Proposed Modifications 
(presented to the Senate on 12/7/21) 

Discovery Review Committee Charges - 2019/2020

1) Investigate ways the Discovery Program can become more manageable for students in highly structured pre-Professional majors.
2) Investigate ways the Discovery Program can develop the flexibility to allow Transfer Students to achieve their degrees in a timely fashion.
3) Investigate the First Year experience at UNH to achieve academic and community engagement through interdisciplinary Discovery offerings.1)
4) Investigate ways to encourage High Impact practices (such as Study Abroad and Internships) by aligning the transfer and assessment of credits with the goal of encouraging, rather than deterring, students who wish to take advantage of these enriching opportunities.
5) Investigate ways Discovery can accommodate qualified students who wish to fulfill distributive requirements in upper-division courses, possibly as part of a Minor or Cognate cluster and/or through a deeper understanding of a content area or category (depth).
6) Investigate the possibility of incorporating Ethical Attributes (such as Diversity, Civic Education, and Sustainability) that are politically, socially, and culturally inclusive.
7) Review the concerns about Discovery delivery by colleges and "turf" battles over Discovery courses.
8) Tasks 1–7 should be carried out in concert with a review of the best practices and successful strategies adopted by other universities, especially our comparators.

Discovery Review Committee Membership

Voting Members:

  • Chair - Scott Smith (CHI) COLA
  • Sajay Arthanat (OT) CHHS
  • Kathrine Aydelott – Dimond Library
  • Devkamal Dutta (ADMN) PCBE
  • Art Greenberg (CHEM) CEPS
  • Nicoletta Gullace (HIST) COLA; Discovery Program
  • Jesse Stabile Morrell (ANFS) COLSA
  • Melinda Negron-Gonzales (PS) UNHM
  • Bill Stine (PSYC) COLA

Non-Voting Members:

  • Kimberly Babbitt, Assoc Dean, COLSA
  • Andy Colby, Univ. Registrar
  • P.T. Vasudevan, Sr. Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Charles Zercher, Dean, CEPS



2014-2015 Discovery Review Committee

On August 31, 2015, this committee fulfilled its charge in its report:
Final Report Discovery 5-Year Review Committee


  1. Conduct the required 5-year review of the Discovery Program

Discovery Review Committee Membership

  • David Richman, Theatre & Dance, COLA, Chair
  • Jessica Bolker, Biological Sciences, COLSA
  • Jim Connell, Physics, CEPS, EOS, & Faculty Senate
  • Todd DeMitchell, Education, COLA, Faculty Senate, & Discovery Committee
  • Richard England, Economics, PCBE
  • Ted Kirkpatrick, COLA, Associate Dean
  • Stephen Pugh, UNH-Manchester, & Discovery Program
  • Barbara White, Occupational Therapy, CHHS, Director of Discovery Program
  • Benjamin Bertrand, Student (class of 2015)