Profile in Sustainability - Dr. Alison Watts

Alison Watts - Profile in Sustainability

Research Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering

Sustainability Research Collaboratory Faculty Scholar

Tell us about the research you do around water.

I am working on water-related issues at a variety of scales and locations. Locally, I am involved with research which supports residents and municipal leaders in the NH Coastal region as they work to improve water quality by implementing better stormwater controls and other management practices. I am involved in larger water issues in the State of New Hampshire through the Water Sustainability Commission, and nationally providing training and support for stormwater management and pollution source control to a range of audiences.


What is the Sustainability Research Collaboratory, and why are you involved?

The Sustainability Research Collaboratory (SRC) was formed to build capacity for interdisciplinary sustainability research at UNH. We meet and discuss research ideas, support proposals, and expand connectivity across departments and disciplines. I particularly enjoy meeting, discussing, and ultimately working with researchers from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise.


What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

Sustainability to me is common sense; if we use all of a resource up today, there won’t be any left tomorrow. We must balance the needs and tradeoffs of today with a future that can continue to support the human and natural systems that we value. 


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