Dr. Kevin H. Gardner







Kevin Gardner

Professor and Faculty Fellow
Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Research

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: (603) 862-4334
Fax: (603) 862-3957
Email: kevin.gardner@unh.edu

University of New Hampshire
Gregg Hall Room 336 
35 Colovos Rd
Durham, NH 03824


Research Group: Environmental Engineering; EPSCoR: Sustainability Research Collaboratory


  • Ph.D.   Civil and Environmental Engineering, Clarkson University, 1996
  • MS      Civil and Environmental Engineering, Clarkson University, 1991
  • BS      Civil Engineering, Union College, 1989

Research Interests

Sustainability science and engineering, industrial ecology, life cycle assessment, interface between ecosystems and society, emerging and bioaccumulative chemicals in the environment, remediation of contaminated sediments and wetlands.


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Clausen, J. L., Georgian, T., Gardner, K. H., & Douglas, T. A. (2018). Applying Incremental Sampling Methodology to Soils Containing Heterogeneously Distributed Metallic Residues to Improve Risk Analysis. BULLETIN OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY, 100(1), 155-161. doi:10.1007/s00128-017-2252-x

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Classes Taught:

  • Sustainability Engineering
  • Water chemistry

Professional Affiliations