UNH Solar Power for Schools Video Clip - PROUD TO BE CEE :)

UNH CEE Students involved:  Zach Angelini (BSENE 2015, MSCEE ~2016), Taygra Longstaff (BSCE 2015), Abygail Mangar (BSENE 2014) and Katerina Messologitis (BSENE 2015, MSCEE ~2017)

UNH Political Science Student Involved:  Tegan O’Neill (BAPS 2015, MAPS ~2016)

ERG is Overrun with MalleyCATS

ERG is Overrun with MalleyCATS

In 2008, a handful of students working on research with Professor Jim Malley in ERG named their group the MalleyCATS. The name is fitting since they are in the home of the UNH WildCATS, work with ERG faculty member Dr. Jim Malley, and possess many of the resilient attributes of alley-cats. The group, now 17 strong, ranges from rising first year students to graduate students, operates on a shoestring budget, but works together with the common goals of learning how to do research, how to work together, and how to mentor others. “We are given a lot of freedom in the design and the running of our experiments, but still get a lot of feedback and guidance with our research from Malley. Our research topics are really exciting and relevant to the real world.” (Harrison Roakes UNH ’12) Perhaps most importantly, they are learning to never quit on research ideas they are passionate about even when nothing seems to be going right. 

July 1, 2011 by R. Richardson and L. Friess

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