Occupational Therapy

Postdoctoral Scholar in the Study of Occupation to Support Occupational Therapy

College of Health and Human Services

Department: Occupational Therapy


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Description: A postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Occupational Therapy will engage in independent research with a focus on the study of occupation and its impact on health and well-being and translating that research to occupational therapy practice. Experienced faculty in the department will guide the postdoctoral scholar in developing a viable research agenda and establishing a scholarly trajectory that includes grant-writing for ongoing scholarly productivity. University resources will provide additional support to the postdoctoral scholar. The postdoctoral scholar will also participate in department activities and teach one course per year in the scholar’s area of expertise, further preparing for a future academic position.

The Occupational Therapy Department at UNH is celebrating 75years of “doing, creating, and inspiring” as we prepare future occupational therapists to become practitioners, researchers, and leaders in our profession. Our faculty includes well-known scholars reflecting all areas of practice. The College of Health and Human Services includes eight departments and two institutes to support interprofessional collaboration.

Qualifications: Eligible applicants will have completed all requirements for a doctoral degree in occupational science/occupational therapy or in a related field. The successful candidate must have interest in and a commitment to a research career supporting our shared appreciation of the study of occupation to support occupational therapy. The candidate must be able to work independently as well as engage in scholarly dialogue to enhance collegial relationships.


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