New Faculty Academy

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New Faculty 2017 (Graphic from UNH Today)

From the moment new colleagues arrive on our campus and throughout their entire careers, UNH faculty can expect high-quality faculty development opportunities.

New Faculty Academy is here to support the first year journey at UNH.

Starting off with New Faculty Orientation in the fall, continuing with meetings in your college throughout the academic year, and culminating with an End of the Year Workshop

Delivering high-impact research, transformative community engagement, and a world-class student experience depends on a passionate and productive faculty. That's why the University of New Hampshire provides a fertile environment for faculty success.

The Office of  Engagement and Faculty Development is one of the primary offices providing innovative programs designed to enhance the scholarship, engagement, leadership, and career success of faculty and academic leaders.

It's the UNH faculty advantage.

2018-2019 new faculty

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They're experts in national policy, aquatic ecosystems, and everything in between.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

College of Health and Human Services

College of Liberal Arts

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics