Health Analytics and Biostatistics

Postdoctoral Scholar in Health Analytics and Biostatistics

College of Health and Human Services and UNH Graduate School

Department: Health Management and Policy


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Description: Applications are invited for a postdoctoral associate with expertise to conduct high-impact academic research at the intersection of data science, computational science, data visualization, and social research methods. The focus for the postdoctoral period will be to work on pressing health system and public health issues linked to data science including, but not limited to, surveillance, model building and data dissemination on COVID prevalence and tracking, health system workforce resilience and readiness, climate change impact, and/or other public health priorities. In collaboration with faculty research mentors from the Department of Health Management and Policy within the Public Health and Health Data Science programs, the postdoctoral fellow will work with data from a number of sources including claims data, COVID testing data, surveillance system data and other health data.

Professional development support will be provided in the form of participation in faculty development academies with other early career faculty, coaching by senior faculty colleagues, monthly cohort meetings, workshops on teaching and learning, involvement in department activities, and support funds. Further college and university wide professional development workshops and academies, targeted to early career scientists and faculty, are also available.

In addition, the College of Health and Human Services houses three institutes; The Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems (IEHSS), The Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP) and the Institute on Disability (IOD), which have other research projects, research mentors and additional health data that can be utilized.

A collaborative center, UNH’s Hubbard Center for Genome Studies (HCGS) and the affiliated COBRE Center of Integrated Biomedial and Bioengineering Research that exists within the College of Life Sciences, would be applicative to applicants interested in research related to experimental genomics conducted in UNH’s Hubbard Center for Genome Studies (HCGS)

The ideal candidate will have foundations in health systems and/or public health as well as data science methods including machine learning and advanced statistical competencies. In addition, they will be proficient in one or more programming languages (R, Python, SAS). Candidates with prior health care experience or with health data claims experience are highly valued. Areas include demand forecasting, risk stratification and analysis, reimbursement analysis, and survey analysis and psychometric analysis.


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