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Postdoctoral Scholar in Engineering Education

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Description: UNH is seeking a creative Postdoctoral Scholar who can make fundamental contributions to the broad discipline of Engineering Education. The Postdoctoral Scholar will conduct their own research and work closely with a senior faulty mentor to develop an independent research program. The Scholar will build on current strengths in the college in this area and have opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary collaborations across campus and the state. These includes the Collaborative for Research at the Interface of STEM Teaching and Learning; Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education; New Hampshire Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing of Biomaterials (NH BioMade); University Climate Infrastructure Research Center; the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute in Manchester, NH, which is a part of the Manufacturing USA network; and various graduate level programs across the college, including the Integrated Applied Mathematics Program, the Materials Science Program, and PhD programs in Mathematics Education and Chemistry Education. We encourage a breadth of focus areas including but not limited to remediation programs to improve retention, incorporation of active learning strategies, self‐efficacy of students, diversity program assessment, benefits of technologies in the classroom, interdisciplinary program development, improvement of spatial ability, and assessment of recruitment programs.

Additional professional development support will be provided in the form of participation in faculty development academies with other early career tenure‐track faculty, coaching by senior faculty colleagues, workshops on teaching and learning, graduate student advising, involvement in department activities, and support funds. The Scholar will also attend workshops on grant writing and the development of a long‐range research plan that is funded by the NSF, US Department of Education, private foundations, or other organizations. Responsibilities will include teaching one course annually.


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