Engaged Scholars Academy Class of 2008

Outreach Scholars 2008

University of New Hampshire Outreach Scholars are recognized for the quality of their research and scholarly work and its potential to generate new knowledge and advance the public good. Tenure track, research, and extension faculty who exhibit promise are nominated to the Engaged Scholarship Academy, a collaborative partnership that is supported by the Office of Research and Outreach Scholarship and the Office of Academic Affairs.


Rick Alleva
Extension Field Specialist
4-H Youth Development
UNH Cooperative Extension

Serita Frey
Department of Natural Resources/COLSA

Nivedita Gupta
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering/CEPS

J. Ruairidh (Ru) Morrison
Affiliate Associate Professor
Ocean Process Analysis Lab/EOS

Neil Niman
Associate Professor
Department of Economics/PAUL

Julia Peterson
Extension Professor/Specialist
Water Quality/NH Sea Grant
UNH Cooperative Extension

Juliette Rogers
Former UNH Associate Professor
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Culture – French/COLA

Mihaela Sabin
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator
Division of Science and Technology
Computing Technology Program/UNHM

Joseph Salisbury
Research Assistant Professor
Ocean Process Analysis Lab/EOS

Annette Schloss
Research Scientist/Affiliate Associate Professor
Earth Systems Research Center/EOS