Engaged Scholars Academy Class of 2007

Outreach Scholars 2006-2007

University of New Hampshire Outreach Scholars are recognized for the quality of their research and scholarly work and its potential to generate new knowledge and advance the public good. Tenure track, research, and extension faculty who exhibit promise are nominated to the Outreach Scholarship Program, a collaborative partnership that is supported by the Office of Research and Outreach Scholarship and the Office of Academic Affairs.


Michael Fraas
Former UNH Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders/CHHS

Kim Fries 
Former UNH Associate Professor
Department of Education/COLA

Antionette Galvin 
Research Professor
Space Science Center
Department of Physics/EOS

Pingguo He 
Affiliate Associate Professor
Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory
EOS/UNH Cooperative Extension

Jenna Jambeck
Former UNH Research Assistant Professor
Environmental Research Group
Department of Civil Engineering/CEPS

Kenneth LaValley
Interim Dean and Director
Water Resources/NH Sea Grant
Department of Zoology/UNH Cooperative Extension

Jeffrey Melton 
Outreach Director
Recycled Materials Resource Center
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering/CEPS

Patrice Mettauer
Senior Lecturer & Internship Coordinator
Department of Communication Arts
Social Science Division/UNHM

Subhash Minocha
Department of Biological Sciences/COLSA

Jesse Stabile Morrell
Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biological Sciences/COLSA

Charles Putnam
Clinical Professor
Co-Director, Justiceworks
Department of Political Science/COLA

Udo Schlentrich 
Former UNH Associate Professor 
Department of Hospitality Management/PAUL
Director of Rosenberg International Franchise Center

Judy Sharkey
Associate Professor
Department of Education/COLA

Ruth Varner
Associate Professor
Earth Systems Research Center/EOS/Department of Earth Sciences

Catherine Violette
Extension Professor/Extension Specialist
Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences/COLSA

Mark Wiley
Extension Associate Professor/Specialist
Youth & Family/Marine Science Education
UNH Cooperative Extension