Alumni Scholars Class of 2006

University of New Hampshire Outreach Scholars are recognized for the quality of their research and scholarly work and its potential to generate new knowledge and advance the public good. Tenure track, research, and extension faculty who exhibit promise are nominated to the Outreach Scholarship Program, a collaborative partnership that is supported by the Office of Research and Outreach Scholarship and the Office of Academic Affairs.

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Walter Alderman
Former UNHBusiness Instructor/UNHM

Erin Santini Bell
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering/CEPS

Charlotte Cross
Extension Professor/Specialist
4-H Youth Development/UNH Cooperative Extension

Vanessa Druskat
Associate Professor Department of Management/PAUL

Colette Janson-Sand
Associate Professor Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences/Director Didactic Program in Dietetics/COLSA

Suzann Enzian Knight
Extension Professor Emerita/Specialist/Extension Faculty
Family Resource Management/UNH Cooperative Extension

Scott Ollinger
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment/EOS

Alison K. Paglia
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology/UNHM

Richard Saavedra
Former UNH Associate Professor
Department of Management/PAUL

Sarah Smith
Extension Professor/Specialist
Forest Industry/UNH Cooperative Extension

Anthony R. Tagliaferro
Professor Emeritus Department of Molecualr, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences/COLSA
Center for Health Enhancement

Walter Alderman, Business Instructor UNH Manchester

Walter Alderman, Business Instructor
UNH Manchester