Alumni Scholars Class of 2005

Kristine Baber, Associate Professor,  Family Studies/SHHS

Kristine Baber, Associate Professor, 
Family Studies/CHHS

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Kristine Baber
Associate Professor Emerita
Family Studies/CHHS

David Burdick
Research Associate Professor
Natural Resources and the Environment/COLSA

Kent Chamberlin
Electrical and Computer Engineering/CEPS

Peter Erickson
Associate Professor/Extension Dairy Specialist
Dairy Nutrition Research Center/COLSA/UNH Cooperative Extension

Charlie French
Program Team Leader
Community and Economic Development/UNH Cooperative Extension

Ross Gittell
James R. Carter Professor

George Hurtt
Affiliate Associate Professor
Natural Resources and the Environment/COLSA/EOS

Vania Jordanova
Former UNH Research Associate Professor
Department of Physics/CEPS/EOS

Brad Kinsey
Department of Mechanical Engineering/CEPS

Yeping Li
Former UNH Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics/CEPS

Michael Middleton
Former UNH Assistant Professor
Department of Education/COLA

Sharyn Potter
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology/COLA

Judith Robb
Associate Professor
Department of Education/COLA

Rob Robertson
Associate Professor
Department of Natural Resources & the Environment/COLSA

Barrett Rock
Professor Emeritus
Natural Resources/COLSA

Jeffrey Runge
Former UNH Research Professor
Ocean Process Analysis Lab/EOS

Jeffrey Schloss
Program Team Leader
Natural Resources/COLSA/UNH Cooperative Extension

Christine Shea
Interim Vice Provost/Professor
Faculty Development and Inclusive Excellence/Technology and Operations Management/PAUL

Richard Zang
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics/UNHM