Disciplinary Learning Communities for Faculty Clusters



Many UNH faculty report a desire to enhance their productivity by securing external funding, increasing writing productivity and enhancing the significance of their external partnerships.  Our office has designed a number of interdisciplinary and topic-based faculty development learning communities to help respond to this ongoing interest.   These communities focus on specific areas of interest to faculty and often include planned visits to appropriate federal agencies.

Current Learning Communities:

Center for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Innovation (CAMMI)

                              STEM Education Learning Community                               

Former Learning Communities (2009 - 2013):


Sustainable Ecosystems Learning Community

  • Curricular Components:
    • 2-hour “lunch and learn workshops” (6 times)
    • 3-day summer institute
    • Guided visit to USDA and NSF
    • Individualized and smaller team meetings with faculty fellow
    • Ongoing proposal planning and submissions among the team of 8 faculty
    • Participation in the Research and Engagement Academy
  • Lead Faculty Fellow: Professor Serita Frey, Natural Resources & the Environment

Humanities Learning Community

  • Key Collaborator: Center for the Humanities
  • Focus:  Faculty working on a range of proposals to NEH, ACLS, and selected foundations
  • Curricular Components:
    • Hands-on support for proposal development with small teams of humanities faculty
    • Individualized proposal support for individual faculty submissions
    • Proposal planning and review by HLC faculty fellow and Office of Research Development & Communications
    • Mini travel grants (up to $500) for visits to NEH, libraries, or other funders
    • Lunch and Learn workshops (2- 4 per year) to familiarize faculty with appropriate grant opportunities 
  • Lead Faculty Fellow: Professor David Watters, Department of English

Library Faculty & Staff Learning Community

  • Key Collaborators: Dean of the Library, Center for the Humanities
  • Curricular Components:
    • Lunch and Learn (2-4) 2-hour workshops to build knowledge about opportunities
    • Close collaborations with small teams of faculty/staff to support proposal submission
    • Planning and review of proposals by faculty fellow and research development and communications
    • Mini grants available for travel to NEH, other libraries
  • Focus: Building opportunities among library faculty/staff and with other UNH faculty to pursue external funding
  • Lead Faculty Fellow: Professor David Watters, Department of English

ADVANCing Your Career at UNH and Beyond

  • Funding support: Grant from NSF ADVANCE-PAID program (2009 – 2012)
  • Focus: Women associate professors in the STEM and SBS disciplines
  • Curricular Components:
    • Specific goal setting to advance career success
    • Interaction and learning from Deans and Department Chairs
    • Understanding budgeting and finances
    • Building a scholarly team for career success
  • Focus: Support for and Advancement of women in the STEM disciplines
  • Lead Faculty Fellows: Associate Professors, Ruth Varner, Department of Earth Sciences; Diane Foster, Department of Mechanical Engineering