2005-2006 Projects

Establishing an Oyster Shell Recycling Program in New Hampshire

Kenneth LaValley, Water Resources
Raymond Grizzle, Jackson Estuarine Lab
Jennifer Greene, Zoology

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Test Model of a Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Program with UNH Cooperative Extension

Anthony Tagliaferro, Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Collette Janson-Sand  
Jorie Allen  

Eliminating Child Labour in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Era of the AIDS Epidemic (A Case Study of Iringa Region in Tanzania)

Joe Lugalla, Anthropology
Huruma Sigalla  
Phillotheous Njuyuwi  

Sexual Assault in New Hampshire: Prevalence, Context and Consequences

Victoria Banyard, Psychology
Sharyn Potter, Sociology
David LaFlamme, Recreation Management

Investigating Outcome Efficacy of a Community Based Program for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury

Michael Fraas, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Doug Simmons, Occupational Therapy
Patricia Craig, Recreation Management

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Impact Assessment of Girls Connect Workshops

Brad Kinsey Mechanical, Engineering
Erin Santini Bell, Civil Engineering
Michael Middleton, Education

Urban High School to College Collaboration

Walter Alderman, Business Lecturer, UNH - Manchester

Walter has developed an initiative to offer a college level study skills course to high school students for college credit. This project forwards Walter’s research focus on self-regulated learning and the design and application of self-regulated learning interventions. The impact on the external partner is improved academic performance and increased graduation rates.

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Build-able Bridges

Erin Santini Bell, Civil Engineering Assistant Professor, CEPS

Erin’s project involves the development of a set of build-able bridge models and related materials representing different structural types with a focus on signature bridges throughout New England and in history. These models are intended to be used in New Hampshire education after school programs, grades K through 8, encouraging interest in engineering as a possible career choice.

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NH Community Youth Asset Mapping (CYM)

Charlotte Cross, 4-H Youth Development, Extension Professor/Specialist, UNH Cooperative Specialist

Charlotte has provided leadership for NH’s Community Youth Asset Mapping (CYM) project. This project engages youth and adults in the collection of information about available resources regarding places to go, things to do and special opportunities in the community in the areas of art, food, counseling, health, education, housing, emergency services, employment and recreation. Community Youth Mapping also serves as a catalyst for engaging partners and influencing youth development policy, practice and resource allocation with local communities.

Building Emotionally Competent Teams

Vanessa Druskat, Management Associate Professor, WSBE

This is the working title for a book that Vanessa proposes to author, extending her engaged scholarship to the general public. It would explore the full socio-emotional theory of work group effectiveness and its empirical support from ten years of quantitative and qualitative research in over 14 domestic and international organizations.

Test Model of a Healthy Lifestyle, Intervention Program with Cooperative Extension

Colette Janson-Sand, Animal and Nutritional Science Associate Professor, COLSA
Anthony Tagliaferro, Animal and Nutritional Science Professor, COLSA

The focus of this project is to evaluate the impact of a healthy lifestyle intervention program on the personal health status of employees of Cooperative Extension, a decentralized organizational model, and to evaluate the impact of such a program on health-claim costs. The program is comprised of general health screening tests over a two year period and an education program with personalized coaching.

Measuring Effectiveness of Bringing Financial Management Education to the Desktop

Suzann Enzian Knight, Family Resource Management, Extension Specialist, UNH Cooperative Extension

Suzann’s focus is the conversion of nationally distributed UNH Cooperative Extension face-to-face money management programs to web-based education used by the public directly or by educators and other intermediaries to improve the financial well being of the public. Additionally, there will be deadlines for action steps, simulation tools and pre and post evaluative data accumulated over a five year period.

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Improving Societal Literacy Concerning Climate Change, the Carbon Cycle and the Role Played by Forests

Scott Ollinger, Natural Resources Assistant Professor, EOS

The overall aim of Scott’s project is to improve public awareness and understanding of the relationship between forests, climate change and the global carbon cycle. The two primary components are 1) a partnership with the Union of Concerned Scientists involved with predicting the effects of climate change, and 2) an effort to bring the science of carbon cycling and climate change into the K-12 classroom through the development of appropriate educational activities.

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Evaluating Non-profit Organization: At-Risk Babies Quilts (ABCDQ)

Alison Paglia, Psychology Associate Professor, UNH - Manchester

Alison's project was designed to help a non-profit organization, At-Risk Babies Quilts (ABCQ) with program evaluation. ABCQ provided handmade baby quilts to infants and children born AIDS/HIV positive or otherwise affected by their mother’s drug or alcohol abuse while pregnant, or to those who are abandoned. Additionally, ABC Quilts developed a youth education program combining quilt making with information aimed at preventing the behaviors that create at-risk babies. The outreach project was to evaluate the educational program and assist ABCQ with grant development. ABCQ had to cease operations due to a loss of funding; however Alison will use the skills from the Academy to work with other agencies and organizations in the Manchester area.

Behind the Blue Curtain: Managing Reputation and Identity with Citizen Police Academies

Richard Saavedra, Management Associate Professor, WSBE

Richard’s research objective was to examine Citizen Police Academies (programs intended to provide citizens with a first-hand look at what rules, regulations and policies police follow). The focus was how CPAs work building the reputation of a local police department by building identity between a police department and the community. Findings from the project participant surveys are expected to assist police departments in designing their academies for maximum impact and also inform organizational theory regarding the link between information and influence in large-scale systems.

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Connecting UNH Business Resources with New Hampshire’s Forest Industry

Sarah Smith, Forestry and Wildlife, Extension Professor and Specialist Cooperative Extension

The focus of Sarah’s work in forestry is to connect a broader array of UNH resources with New Hampshire’s forest industry. The anticipated outcome of this collaboration is the development of directory of business resources available for forest industry leaders as well as improved business practices.