Volunteer Teaching English

Volunteer teaching English in Thailand

MESA, the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture, is announcing a wonderful volunteer and learning opportunity for a native English speaker with our Global Partners in Thailand! The volunteer will be responsible for providing 2 (possibly more) hours per day of private tutoring in English conversation for one student who will be travelling to Bhutan in late April. Housing will be with a host family in a traditional Thai village, where the volunteer can participate in a variety of activities such as: 

  • organic agro-forestry
  • herbal medicine
  • organic farming
  • natural product production

Volunteer position also features:

  • Flexible timeline- 4-8 weeks starting anytime beginning 2013 through mid- April
  • Room and board for 4-8 weeks
  • Networking with EarthNet and GreenNet cooperative members

Please read this document for more information.

To apply, please email your CV and a cover letter to Michael Commons, michael@greennet.or.th

Volunteer/ Learning Opportunity
Position: Teach English Conversation to a Young Thai Traditional Doctor who has been
accepted for an international exchange program
Location: Ban Suan On Son, Na Issan village, located in Sanam Chaikhet District,
Chachoengsao, Thailand
Duration: 4 to 8 weeks (minimum 4 weeks, up to 8 weeks)
Starting date: Any time from the beginning of 2013 until mid-April 2013. This young Thai
traditional doctor will need to begin his exchange program in late April. He needs to
develop adequate English conversation skills before this.
Description of history, tasks, activities, etc: Earth Net Foundation is a partner in an FK
South to South Exchange programme with partners in Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and
Bhutan. This specific programme with funding support from FK, Norway is working to
develop capacity on climate change adaptation through sustainable farming and
appropriate technologies. A key area identified for adaptation is applied biodiversity. This
means using local resources to meet basic human needs. Medicine is a basic human
need and traditional (herbal) medicine can be an effective way of using local biodiversity to
maintain human (and animal) health. Thailand and Bhutan both has strong cultures of
traditional (herbal) medicine coming from the diversity of natural resources (plants, etc) in
their ecosystems. The FK partners agreed that an exchange of knowledge and skills in
this area would be of benefit to both sides and increase self-sufficiency and promote
biodiversity conservation. This in the end will work to increase resilience to climate
change as farmers, villagers, traditional medicine practitioners grow and can use a greater
variety of herbs, etc for a great number of uses/ treatments.
Mr. Pongaraya Butjantha (Pong) was selected to join this programme to go to Bhutan to
share his knowledge and learn from knowledge there. He graduated with a degree in Thai
Traditional Medicine. He is also the son of a recognized leader in Wanakaset (agroforestry)
and self-reliance, Por Liam. He currently practices traditional medicine at a local
hospital. Thus he has both strong exposure from childhood growing, harvesting, using,
and processing herbs and organic food and he has a degree in this subject. He is part of
the Wanakaset Network and will be able to share knowledge and experience with this
network after his return. (For a video about Wanakaset see the following link)
While Pong is a really intelligent and capable person, he like most Thais has almost no
actual practice with spoken English. In Bhutan English is used by most Bhutanese as an
official language as there are a number of local spoken languages. With a month or 2 of
regular practice and instruction, Pong should be able to develop the conversational skill to
get him well started for this experience. He like other educated Thais has studied English
many years in school, and has a knowledge of the written language if very little practice
and skill in spoken English.
While the key input needed from the volunteer is a concerted effort to spend about 2 +
hours per days with Pong (and possible a few others) to develop his spoken English skills,
this opportunity is an amazing one for someone interested in self-reliance, organic agroforestry,
natural product production, Thai traditional medicine, as the volunteer will stay at
the home (which is effectively a learning center) for these areas. Por Liam (Pongʼs father)
has spoken/ taught many places even having his own TV show on self-reliance and is
recognized as a leader in this area. He is one of the famous disciples of Pooyai Viboon
and continues to join in Wanakaset meetings and events which practicing what he
Requirements/ Desired: Native or fluent English speaker. Interested in such things as
natural medicine, self-reliance, organic farming, etc. Able to assist in the given time
period. Happy to live in a nice Thai farmer family home and eat mostly homegrown
organic Thai food and be around people who speak very little English. Be in at least
decent health, be of friendly outgoing character and enthusiastic about this opportunity.
It is preferred that the volunteer has experience either learning a second language and
using it in another country or teaching language. While the focus of this position is just
spoken conversation English and should not require any sort of ESL degree, one who
knows what one needs to know to survive in another country may have a clearer idea of
what to focus on.
Terms: The volunteer will need to cover all costs to get to the placement location
(international travel, travel in Thailand, visa cost, etc) The volunteer must obtain a travel
insurance policy to cover him/ herself during the period of placement. At the placement
location the host family will provide free food, lodging, and sharing of knowledge in
exchange for the knowledge and assistance of the volunteer. Lodging means a private
bedroom with electricity and basic furnishings (no air conditioning, however fan is
available) in the family home. Other facilities are shared as part of the family home.
Internet service (wifi) is freely available at the Na Yao Hospital where Pong works about 5
kms away. One may also bring/ obtain a USB modem and connect via mobile service (at
own cost) Meals that are covered are with the host family. If the volunteer takes time off
or eats out, and for incidental expenses, this is the responsibility of the volunteer to cover.
The volunteer is expected to spend about 2 hours + per day 6 days a week on focused
teaching of Pong (and others if they decide to join in). Also not during the teaching period,
such as when the volunteer is sharing meals, learning how to make natural products, etc,
when with Pong, the volunteer should still work to practice English with him and learn from
the environment and situation. The rest of the day, the volunteer will have the opportunity if
interested to learn a lot and join in activities related to organic agro-forestry, herbal
medicine, organic farming, and natural product production, learn and experience Thai
village culture.
To apply or for more info contact
Michael Commons
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 12:00am
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(Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture), MESA
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Michelle Roses, T. 888.834.7461
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