Urban Farming Apprenticeship

Urban Farming Apprenticeship at the Youth Farm! Apply online now!

 Through our Urban Farm Training Program, participants will develop high-level organic farming skills through an intensive program combining formal instruction and hands-on work. Apprentices will be chosen based on their ability to commit to the program, their enthusiasm, their desire to learn, and work ethic.

 During a season on the Youth Farm, you will become intimately familiar with the tasks, challenges, and rewards of growing many varieties of vegetables and flowers. Through this 20-hour per week commitment, you will gain a good sense and feel for the physical, mental and spiritual energy required to produce nutritious and delicious food, beautiful flowers, and a rich and harmonious community space. You will meet like-minded individuals and form important connections with others entering and contributing to this exciting field. You will begin to network with others working and volunteering in green sectors of NYC’s economy.

 The Youth Farm Apprenticeship's components include:

Hands-on Farm Work

Weekly Technical Workshops

Weekly Instructional Farm Walk

Training Rotations in Propagation, Irrigation, Flowers, Direct Marketing,

Composting and Farm Management        Direct Marketing experience: Community

Supported Agriculture, Farmers Market, Restaurant sales Working with Youth Urban and Rural Field Trips Ergonomics and Self-Care for Farmers Record Keeping Independent Projects Traditional and Non-Traditional Skills Assessment End-of-Season Food Systems Jobs Round Table/Career Q&A NYC Craft: Connect with urban and regional apprentices through these rotating monthly workshops

 Through this program, you will sharpen the diverse skills needed to succeed as a farmer, from technical skills to business and interpersonal skills. Hand-on work, workshops, field trips and independent work will all be a part of your learning environment. You can expect to walk away with a keen sense for what it takes to produce nutritious food, and a clearer picture of how you see yourself pursuing this line of work.  Each Apprentice who completes the program will receive a Certificate in Urban Farming.

 For more information and to apply online, visit www.bkfarmyards.com.


Brooklyn, New York
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 12:00am
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Youth Farm