Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer Position



We are a full service organic vegetable gardening company. Our team of Urban Farmers maintains a roster of gardens from seed to harvest. We provide all the necessary materials (seeds, transplants, compost, organic fertilizers and sprays, trellising, etc).


Basic Duties and Schedule:

- This is a seasonal position. The 2014 season runs from March 1st to November 30th.

- Urban Farmers will be entirely responsible for the planting and care of 15 to 30 gardens based on experience and ability.

- The garden maintenance schedule is based on a bi-weekly rotation. It averages 3-4 gardens a day arranged by regional area.

- This position requires you to manage your own time in gardens and ensure the work is done well. Workdays will vary in length.

- Love & Carrots also provides Garden coaching for some clients. Opportunities to coach are dependent on experience.

Required Experience:

- One or more season of commercial organic vegetable growing. (Reference Required)

- Ability to plan and care for multiple small vegetable gardens—requires intimate knowledge of:

- Compost, cover-crops, and crop rotation

- Disease and Pest Management

- Soil Fertility

- Irrigation (drip lines)

- Companion planting schemes

- Ability to work long hours in varied weather conditions with a positive attitude.

- Strong customer service skills.

- Excellent time management and organization.

- Vehicle: We will provide you with a vehicle as often as possible, but you will likely use your own car often.

- Smart phone: We also provide a GPS but smart phones are extremely helpful.

- A well-developed love and commitment to growing good food.



The base pay rate for this position is set at $12 to 14/hr. depending on experience level.

The Urban Farmer position will require a fair amount of driving and offsite work—while actual gardening time tends to be around 5 to 6.5 hours a day. Our solution is to compensate Urban Farmers with a "day rate" of $100 to 115 (depending on experience level) for each maintenance day. This amount is intended to cover all fuel, mileage, and loading/driving time.


- In addition to your garden maintenance schedule, there are days we use team members to help build new gardens. On build days we pay your hourly wage of $12 to 14/hr (depending on experience level).

- Final note: This position can be taken on as regular part time or full time employment. For example, at a base pay of $14/hr, working 5 days a week, assuming 8 build hours each week, the position would average $2,300 a month.



Limited housing is available onsite in Hyattsville, MD, and in Arlington, VA. Urban Farmers will have access to vegetables grown in the Love & Carrots Garden, and overflow from client gardens.

Training Period:

During the first four weeks of employment you will accompany one of our gardeners in order to learn the L&C systems. During this training period the pay rate will be $11.50/hr.  



Meredith Sheperd

Washington DC
Publicaton Date: 
Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 12:00am
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Love and Carrots