Regional Field Experts

Regional Field Expert Job Description

 What is Get Gone?

 Get Gone is a website that introduces travelers to the world of food tours and culinary experiences, by providing them with direct connections to regional experts and local hosts and guides in destinations around the globe.  

 Our primary objectives are to:

 •    Attract, engage, inform, and inspire adventurous spirits who are passionate about food and travel.

•    Be a one-stop online resource for consumers to discover, explore, and connect with a multitude of available international food tours and culinary experiences offered by those who live and work within their local communities.

•   Provide a platform for local hosts, guides, and experts to market their food focused grass-root tours internationally

 What is a Regional Field Expert?

 Our Regional Field Experts are the locals in the know who help to build the foundation in each of the markets that Get Goneoperates. Every region has it’s own network of artisans, producers, and makers that make up unique food community, and it’s the RFE’s job to connect the community with the site. Regional Field Experts:

  • Complete a survey of the landscape of their particular community, and help to identify the individuals and organizations who could benefit from the services that Get Gone offers.
  • Recruit hosts to sign up for Get Gone Traveler, and help them to list their experiences on the site.
  • Support grassroots marketing efforts that publicize both Get Gone and the local hosts.

 Who would make a great Regional Field Expert?

  • You are passionate about food, travel, and your local food community.
  • You have knowledge of and connections with your local artisans, producers, makers, and the organizations that support them.
  • You’re interested in a short-term commitment that could lead to passive income over the next two years.
  • Want to be part of a new venture that could lead to opportunities down the line.
  • Able and excited to work independently, while building connections with like-minded folks around the country—and the world.

The Details:

 Our initial engagement will last for approximately two months. During that term, Regional Field experts are responsible for:

  • Completing the Get Gone Data Questionnaire for their region.
  • Recruiting 40-50 hosts (depending on market size) to sign up for Get Gone Traveler, and list at least one experience on the site. We hope that 30% of those signed up will become core hosts, meaning they have established experiences that repeat weekly or monthly.
  • Maintain a spreadsheet that documents contacts, leads, and signed up hosts to be shared weekly, and participate in a weekly Field Experts call to report on progress, and have the opportunity to learn from the efforts of your peers.
  • Help tell the stories of their hosts and experiences through editorial, media relations, and possible in person events.

 Regional Field Experts will earn 2% of the revenues generated by the hosts that they sign up for a period of 2 years.

 We’re currently seeking Regional Field Experts for markets in California, New England, and Chicago, but will soon be expanding to markets around the country (Portland, Seattle,  Minneapolis, Atlanta, New Orleans, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona). Additionally, we’re motivated to go where people are motivated to Get Gone.  If you think that you’re town is ripe for building a community of experiences on the site, get in touch.

 If you think you’re the Regional Field Expert in your area, contact Tiffany Nurrenbern at Please share your resume and a brief note explaining why you are exited about the opportunity.

So. CA, New England, Chicago
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 12:00am
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Get Gone
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