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Talking Points

  • UNH is the first university in the US to create an academic program in EcoGastronomy. 

  • UNH undergraduate students studying any discipline -- from agriculture to hospitality mangement to nutrition to journalism and more -- can add the dual major in EcoGastronomy to their primary studies.  (Learn more about student requirements.)

  • UNH's dual major in EcoGastronomy is experiential, interdisciplinary and international by design in order to help students truly understand and advance sustainable food systems -- from farm to fork to health and nutrition outcomes.

  • In May of 2006, UNH signed the Agreements of Intentions and Collaborations “for the purpose of creating a worldwide network of universities and research institutions linked to the International Slow Food Association.” These principles include “protection of agricultural biodiversity,” “support of the rights of peoples to self-determination with regard to food,” and “education of civilized society and training of workers in the food and agricultural sector.” UNH is one of ten universities in the U.S. to have signed the principles, and the first to award the founder of Slow Food—Carlo Petrini—an honorary degree.

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