Horticulutural Apprentice

Horticultural Apprentice

Love & Carrots


Summary of Duties:

Under the supervision of the Horticulture Manager, the Horticultural Apprentice will work in the day-to-day operation of the Love & Carrots greenhouse facility and on-site garden. General areas of responsibility will include assisting in regular operation and maintenance of the greenhouse, seeding and asexual propagation, irrigation, and record-keeping.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

- Execute weekly seeding and propagation schedule

- Updating record of tasks and observations

- Preparing organic soil mix for various seeding mediums

- Ensuring routine greenhouse ventilation and irrigation needs are met

- Rotating seedlings through appropriate microclimate zones during the

various stages of growth, from germination to hardening-off

- Fertility/weed/pest/disease/ management

- Caring for perennial stock plants

- Participating in regular maintenance of on-site garden, including

weeding/watering/planting/& harvesting

- Make, monitor, and turn compost piles

Special Considerations:

- Ability to lift 50 lbs. with or without accommodation

Qualifications and Criteria for Selection:

- Ability, interest, and desire to work hard physically in greenhouse and garden.

- Ability to work with others in a greenhouse or garden setting.

- Ability to balance taking direction, timely task completion as per plant/soil needs, production schedules, etc., as well as working and learning independently on core topics.


This position is unpaid. Limited housing is available onsite, and in Arlington, VA. Apprentices will have access to vegetables grown in the Love & Carrots Garden, and overflow from client gardens.



Meredith Sheperd

Washington DC
Publicaton Date: 
Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 12:00am
Company Name: 
Love and Carrots