Holistic Health and Wellness

This is a call for someone to come and play with young people and food.

Someone with an interest in holistic health and wellness would be a perfect fit. If you are organically, locally and sustainably orientated and interested in making the world a healthier place, and have an open mind, then that is all that really matters.

 If you are familiar with the GAPS diet, that would be amazing.  If you're stoked about fermentation, that would be amazing.

 Housing and food will be provided for this position.

 The Manhattan Free School - http://manhattanfreeschool.org/  - has a space for someone to come and cook, play, learn, experience and share with us!

  Manhattan Free School is a place for self-directed learners from ages 5 to 19.

Students organize their education around their passions and interests, and in doing so learn faster and more deeply than in settings where students are forced to follow someone else's curriculum, sequence and pacing.

 The current cooking, food science and nutrition program has been up and running for 6 weeks now. The students and staff in the cooking program use a democratic process to decide what we make, and who does what in an effort to meet everyone's needs. Because the students invest energy in defining a clear group intention, they have the drive to follow through and see their project to completion. For a group of people who are six, seven and eight years old in a self directed learning environment, this kind of dedication enables deep learning. They want to do the work, and in doing so they get to practice accommodating each others needs and abilities in a cohesive and supportive fashion. Our job is to give them the tools to do the work, support them when they need support, ask questions and celebrate the lessons they learn from their successes and failures. It is a beautiful process.

 Another expression of the cooking, food science and nutrition program is a school wide fermentation club called the International Cabbage Congress, we have sauerkraut, kombucha and kvass culturing in a designated closet.  We have had meetings where we each wear a cabbage leaf on our head, speak in and have a name that starts with a “ca”:  Cabina, Cagina, Cadoob, et. We are all learning together and the staff do not get in the way of group decisions that may fail, which has resulted in a couple very funky mis-fermentations. The failures, when compared to our successes (which have been delicious) taught us the importance of keeping the fermenting material in a salty and acidic environment to support the lactobacillus bacteria, and discourage the mold and unwanted bacteria. We know through experience and we had fun in the process.

Children have been sharing them about it at home, so it is effecting the health and wellness of the whole school community!  This week we are trying our first batch kombucha!

 The Wall Street Journal says that the average private school tuition in Manhattan is $40,000 a year.  To make our school more accessible to our neighborhood, Spanish Harlem, we set our tuition on a sliding scale and capped it at $16,0000 a year.  We receive no state funding, but are still committed to keeping the school accessible to low income families.  Last year the average paid tuition was $3,500 which is 8.4% of the Manhattan average.

 Currently, the school has eleven students and is mostly staffed by the community and volunteers who are here because we love this place and want it to flourish.  It is a powerfully supportive environment.

 A free school is a very unique environment and it is a powerful place for personal growth.  In order to engage here cohesively, one must be interested in being a better person.  This means the ability to admit being wrong to a child.  The benefit in that is that you do not have to treat anyone in a way that you do not want to be treated and can be fully honest and open about your boundaries, passions and life.

 At school we start our day holding hands in a circle, and everyone has a turn to share their intentions for the day.  Music is played, folks are larping, forts are built and imagined in, mine craft is being played, art is being made, games are being created and played, schedules are worked out, history is delicious healthy food is going to made an a meeting will be held this afternoon to decide what kind of beard & haircut I am to have or not have and I will abide by the decision of the group.

 It is a beautiful place and we invite you to come and grow with us.

 If you have any questions please call 561 307 7718 or email ericbearludwig@gmail.com

 love, peace & plants,

 eric bear

New York, New York
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Monday, December 3, 2012 - 12:00am
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Manhattan Free School School
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eric bear 561 307 7718
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