Farm Intern

The Lord’s Acre is an inclusive, non-profit organization that exists to transform community and bring people together using things we all have in common – the need to:  eat healthy food, enjoy beauty, serve others, reach across social boundaries, do meaningful work, and practice community. We do this through and around a beautiful public garden where we grow food and give it away, teach others how to grow and prepare food, organize volunteers who help us tend crops, run a SPROUTS program for children, share meals, and use our talents and passions for the good of others in the community. We grow 8 tons of vegetables on ½ acre and have 6 acres in which to expand. Tractor work is minimal except for opening new fields but we utilize a diverse array of other methods including hand-dug beds, raised beds, hugelkulture, deep mulch, tillers and more.  We are deeply involved in the resilient food scene and work closely with local colleges, The WNC Alliance of Gardens That Give, Come to the Table, and many other organizations. Interns are a critical part of our work. We treat them well and expect them to be passionate, motivated, hard- working and easy-going. We are interested in your heart and your brain every bit as much as your labor. We provide room and board, education, and an amazing community experience. No stipend. Interns work 25 and occasionally 30 hrs/week so there is free time in which to work paying jobs. Check us out at and write for an application at:

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 12:00am
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The Lord's Acre
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