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Farm Business Manager-19912



The Resource Educator will conduct needs assessment surveys to develop and deliver innovative educational programs to entrepreneurs and producers in agricultural business management. Programming focus will include finance, market development, operations and production management.

The individual will provide support to related enterprises such as agricultural tourism and natural resources by linking them to Cornell research based information.  Additionally, the Educator will connect with Cornell University and community stakeholders, and will focus on enhancing local agriculture through broad efforts that include enterprise diversification and positioning, operations management, marketing and promotion, and distribution.

The individual shall create functional networks with governmental, economic, and agricultural organizations.  Although the position is business rather than production focused, the educator is expected to provide linkages of production resources as appropriate.

The Resource Educator will identify community resources that are available to develop and conduct agricultural programming. The Educator will develop tools to evaluate program outcomes and impacts, and prepare program reports as necessary.

This individual will participate in cross-discipline programs within the Association to leverage the organization’s position as a community resource, and  will work adult volunteers and participants to ensure program success This person will work with staff from Cornell University, other CCE Associations, and with regional agencies and organizations.

The Resource Educator embraces the Cornell University Staff Skills for Success demonstrating behaviors of inclusiveness, adaptability, self-development, communication skills, teamwork, service-mindedness, stewardship, and motivation.



Issue Area Leadership Program Development and Priority Setting 30%

      Provide overall program leadership, and participate in the planning and development of educational programs, projects, and plans of work.

      Work with the Ag Team Leader, program teams, and others to conduct environmental scans, program needs assessments and inventories, and identify program priorities.

      Identify underserved audiences, especially ones articulated through EEO/ EPO requirements, and identify appropriate program initiatives.

      Identify internal and external resource needs, professional networks, and other resources necessary for program initiatives, including Cornell University, other land-grant universities, regional and county-based economic and educational organizations, agricultural businesses and associations, and other partners.

      Identify and manage resources for program planning, development, delivery, and evaluation

      Develop educational programs, seminars, workshops, and demonstrations.



Program Management and Coordination 20%

      Work with volunteers, advisory committees, and community members in garnering their assistance and support in helping plan, lead and evaluate an effective agricultural program.

      Seek, secure, and administer grant and other funding sources to promote additional economic development and promotion initiatives

      Network with various organizations to create synergistic efforts in expanding and maximizing teamwork through organizations, such as farm bureau, chamber of commerce, county and town boards, farmers’ markets, and community groups.

      Maintain a detailed database of farms, resource providers, and agri- businesses for analysis and grant writing purposes.

      Coordinate through Association support staff the maintenance of a participant database for monitoring EEO/EPO compliance, for marketing organizational programs and initiatives, and for organizational reporting.

      Manage, lead, and coordinate the delivery of Association identified programs, projects, initiatives, and plans of work through support staff, volunteers, Master Gardeners (including Master Gardeners consumer programs and helpline), and work directly with the Farmland Protection Board, County Planning Office, County Economic Development Office, County Fair Board, and others.



Subject Matter Resource and Program Delivery  35%

      Serve as a subject matter specialist to residents, producers, entrepreneurs, farm and agricultural businesses, regional and county-based organizations, governmental departments and agencies, and other groups served by the Association

      Conduct educational programs, seminars, workshops, and demonstrations.

      Provide research based information and educational/ technical assistance (within the domains identified elsewhere in this position announcement, and including, as examples, agricultural business, marketing, finance, operations management, production practices) to county residents and targeted audiences to help develop new and strengthen existing agricultural economic activities.

      Link external resources and market opportunities to county stakeholders and target audiences.

      Prepare and manage communications for targeted audiences, community members, and stakeholders using electronic and social networks, newsletters, and through public meetings, seminars, workshops, and forums.



Research and Program Evaluation 5%

      Work with Cornell faculty, as appropriate, to plan and participate in agricultural research studies

      Gather data (participants, outcomes, EEO/EPO) for evaluating program outcomes within target program audiences that indicate changes in target audiences’ levels of knowledge, skills, aspirations, opinions; in practice changes; and in social, economic, and environmental outcomes.

      Make recommendations to Ag Economic Development Specialist for programming changes based on evaluation and program outcome results.



Administrative Management (Finance, Budget)  5%


     Participate in staff meetings and Association events

     Participate in CCE Systems Programs and activities, as appropriate

     Complete reports on a timely basis

     Prepare agriculture program budgets, and manage resources appropriately

     Work under the direction of the AG Team Leader.  Incumbent does not directly supervise other staff members.



Professional Improvement and other duties as assigned 5%

      Under the supervision of the Ag Team Leader, develop and pursue a learning program to increase knowledge, skills, and abilities as a CCE educator and evaluate the effectiveness of that plan.

      Attend in-service educational programs relevant to issue area and program responsibilities.


Central New York
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Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 12:00am
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Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County
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