Farm Apprentice

Blue Hill Farm and North Plain Farm is a small, sustainable and diversified farm, operated in two places in Great Barrington, MA.

We are strongly committed to the health and welfare of our animals and a humane way of treating them. All of the animals are fed their natural diet and spend their days in their natural environment outdoors. Our cows are pasture raised where they feast on nutrient rich grass, as nature intended. We don’t supplement their diet with corn or silage; it’s simply 100% pure, organic grass. This makes the cows healthy and happy so we don’t have to support them with antibiotics or hormones – taste the difference in our delicious raw milk.  

We raise all-natural pork, chicken, meat goats, and eggs under true organic standards. None of the animals receive routine medications. They are all pasture-raised, and all chicken and hog feed is composed of NOFA-NY certified organic grains. Beyond being raised sustainably, the hogs are also heritage breeds. Breeds include Tamworth, Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old Spot, and Large Black. We strongly believe in nurturing the traditions that come with old breeds.  

Facts & Figures:
The farm includes 140 acres for pasture and haymaking. 25 cows are kept for raw milk, veal, and beef. The farm produces about 100 pigs per year, a couple thousand pounds of greenhouse heritage-breed tomatoes, chickens, and loads of pastured eggs to be sold wholesale to restaurants and at local farmers markets and co-ops. Animals are pasture-raised and organically fed. Typically, 8 sows, 1 boar, 400-600 laying hens, 600 broiler chickens, and 30 meat goats are kept on the farm.

Internship Starts: May-June
Internship Ends: October-November
Number of Interns: 1
Minimum Length of Stay: 5 months

: Full board is provided. We eat what the farm produces (milk, yogurt, sausage, butter, pork, beef, chicken, bacon) and produce (veggies, bread, fruit, cheese) from other local farms. Most of our food is organic and homemade. Interns are encouraged to prepare meals together, come up with their own ideas and bring their recipes to the table. We love food and we love to eat.

Skills Desired: Some farming experience is preferred but not required. Candidates must like the outdoors, be hard-working, and passionate about farming or willing to learn.

Educational Opportunities: Interns can learn all about keeping animals and growing heirloom tomatoes. Interns will have the opportunity to learn about raising, herding & breeding heritage breed pigs, chickens. They will learn about breeds, health management, feeding options, milking cows, haying, and calving.

Stipend: $75-125/wk depending on work experience

Housing: Indoor housing is available for all interns.

Internship Details: We are looking for one more intern to join our team for the season. Interns perform a variety of duties - everything from milking cows and haymaking to chicken processing, husbandry, and farm maintenance. A typical work week amounts to 50-60 hours. A working visit is encouraged for all prospective apprentices.

Great Barrington, MA
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 12:00am
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Blue Hill Farm & North Plain Farm
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